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When the company is transparent with the customers, they are more likely to put their trust in the company. For a company that uses the line of ‘magic potion of revitalizing your skin’, the consumer is already filled with a fake imaginary expectation in their mind, that if not achieved will make the company lose its consumers. Had the line been crisp and true about the actual effect of the product on the skin, the customer satisfaction would have been far better.
“What Exactly is Success” and this lead to think a lot about myself “Whether I am a successful person and since I was thinking about myself I gave the answer, YES but when I looked at no such award till date nor I am called as a Speaker in any event and neither I am known amongst my community then I asked myself, how I can say of me being successful if this is not done...
Newspaper is a Business and Business aim to earn profit but for Media and Newspaper, there is no limit. There are no rules or control of what media does. Media or newspapers can build a reputation of anyone in a day or ruin in a day and there are no provisions for making them responsible. Well, it is righty said that “if you read newspaper or media you are misinformed and if you don’t read newspaper or media you are un-informed”. Better is to be un-informed.
Many of the MSME / Traditional Business / Family Owners think that there is nothing in Branding and its Valuation and if so, then the best example is how WAMAN HARI PETE, Kalyan Jewellers have hit hard the already saturated retail jewelry shops and today the brand value of WAMAN HARI PETE, Kalayn Jewellers is more than may combine retail jewelry store. Delay in taking the steps in creating the brand and valuing is no loss to anyone but to yourself.
Life is nothing useful worthy enough is if not enjoyed beautifully with kids, families, friends, etc but technology has diluted this all and for sure there is no mistake of technology but we humans as human have still not understood the Right Balance in every aspect or can say in an aspect not even in knowing the meaning of “Being Success”.
There is no doubt that Delayed Payment has been and is the biggest problem majority of the business entities are facing and there are very less companies who pay to its vendors in time. This delay in payment to Business Owners creates a huge financial problem as due to this the money is stuck and the Business Owners are not able to use the money for business growth and are stuck due to less finance and in fact sometimes this money becomes claimable money and for this such business entities have to approach Court or Forum for recovery and in India to recover the money as such is big headache from legal point of view due to lengthy and more lengthy procedure and also a Litigation is a costly affair.
To define the term “Success” for all is difficult as for each individual it has its own meaning. But from the general aspect, the term Success means what you enjoy and you prefer and which makes you feel happy and grow in your life. One shall know what is relevant to other may be irrelevant to other and same vice versa and hence one shall ensure themselves as to which is Relevant for them and get the same Installed in your life and goals and what is irrelevant don’t take more than a second to “Uninstalled”.
Let’s be clear that success does not mean more and more money or post or fame or else but it is more than that. It means that you are in the path where you are enjoying in totality, in your work, in your life, in your own company, with your family and you give great importance to the said WORD in your life. The WORD which has so much significance to your own life and success and in fact the success has the same “alphabet” with this word, is none other than “SELF”.
There is nothing hidden fact that Data is the new oil in the business sector all over the world but the query is data in which format or date in which aspect. As having data if would have been so much money making business, then why Google will invest in Shares. Hence the real query is not only Data but in my view, it is all about making algorithms via data.
India today is at around 135 Billion population which includes millions of illegal migrants from other countries making the resident with no space to live in and this is where the violence comes to picture and this has to be realized by the public at large and Courts and shall now not allow Liberals to take this stand which is working against the Nation Bharat and this has been a very disturbing note for Bharat (India). The economy is no doubt depends on population and is restrictive in nature.