“Algorithm” Is The Real Game For Reliance JIO’s Shares Selling Spree

In this COVID19 Lockdown from the business point of view, the most and only enjoying news by Indians has been the way Jio’s shares selling spree is going on. Well, there is no surprise that why Jio’s share selling spree is on a very higher end but the most surprising part is that the companies which are competitors have now become shareholders in the same company for the same purpose. This shows how these big companies have their future goals already planned towards the future business working system. There is nothing hidden fact that Data is the new oil in the business sector all over the world but the query is data in which format or date in which aspect. As having data if would have been so much money making business, then why Google will invest in Shares. Hence the real query is not only Data but in my view, it is all about making algorithms via data. I am of the view that future is not about Data in isolation but Data with Algorithm and am for sure with surety that Algorithm will play the huge role in defining future market, future customer choice, future way of branding, future way of marketing, future way of getting electorates to elect of one choice.
If you see the change of pattern of Reliance way of working off late they have realized for sure that where the future lies and hence they have already taken the giant step in entering into Digital space and since with no doubt Reliance has all the powers and heads everywhere in India, they have taken the right step at a great time and for sure they are looking for far goals ahead and to prove this, their showing of Jio Glass is just another proof of their thoughts nice.
Today whoever is aware of how Google Works, Monkey Survey prepares the queries, Facebook works, Google App works, etc then they shall be aware of the magic of Algorithm. Let me illustrate how this Algorithm is reading our click and mind. Many times you have visited one website and might have put a query on Quora and the moment you do so and you don’t buy from there or you may buy there but thereafter in all your Google Apps, Samsung calls end image, Facebook image, etc it shows the advertisement of what you have seen. This is AI Algorithm and this works brilliantly as at least for once you have clicked on what was offered by AI Algorithm and this shows that they are in process of reading your click and mind but now the Companies are going ahead and wants to read mind, a character with click and finance. Alorightm is a Patent material or not is a different issue but more up-gradation in the Algorithm will kill the advertisement industry very soon and be ready for the same. You must be thinking about what I am saying. So let me share how this Algorightm will kill the advertising industry. Assuming that Algorithm has reached to its great level and Google as such works on Algorithm and you must be aware of the same and in fact the way Google has been bringing changes to its technology, I am sure that Google wants to play monopoly for search Algorithm and they wants to reach a point where we can ask google anything, and get the best answer in the world. Think about what may happen sooner or later when you ask Google about your choice of car and how it may work. “Hi Google, based on everything you know about cars, and based on everything you know about me (including my needs, habits, my views, my reviews, my search till date, my downloading and usage of apps, my finance, etc), suggest me the Best Car. Just imaging for Google based on what you called for will be very easy to give you the best car available for you as he at that time will have all the data and all the data and you will for sure will buy the same and this is where Google wants to reach. Use Algorithm and sell the products. In this scenario, do you really think, Car manufacturers will find any relevancy in advertising its cars on TV, OTT, Youtube, etc? Just imagine as this has started happening at present also in lower level dimensions. That does not mean that Google will always give the best and real answers and this is where manipulation issues may come and if there is no stoppage here, later making this issue with Google or else will be almost losing the opportunity.
There are many things which will change when Algorithm meets Data and Data meets the validity and Validity comes from an upper source and hence right time to touch these sensitive issues is now and not late and hence mandating the government to nationalize the data will probably curb the power of big corporations but it will have it another side of its effect.
There are many other points which I can speak off as what will happen in this integration of Algorithm with Data and Data with necessity and that time for humans to get separate will become mandatory impossible even with law backing or no law backing.
This is where the game has started and hence you are seeing big data taking companies have invested in Jio and it is not that Jio does not know but the bad news is that Jio knows that the Laws in India are useless when it comes to the handling of Data and Algorithm and seems not being interested in what future holds in such investment and hence Jio has played their game very well and no doubt brilliantly and since now Jio is aligned with big foreign companies as shareholders, walking will be easy for such big foreign companies and time is here to seriously think on protecting Data and its views.
I am ending this Article on my personal note “Those Who Own the Data, Owns the Future” . Take this seriously and start realising from the date you read this Article

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