“Live Life Like Its Never Coming Back Tomorrow”

This mantra has loads of power in itself. It can make you cheer up after a huge defeat in a cricket match for you know you played till your last sweat, breath or blood drop dropped, in short you lived each and every moment you had on the pitch and in the end even you lost, you knew that you enjoyed.

I myself have been an unconventional who just lived life like a breeze (still living it the same way). Beginning from the beginning, I was never a scholar in school. Actually, until 6th standard I was a fair scorer, got somewhere between 65-70% but things went downhill after that and one can blame the teenage hormones for that because after 6th standard, for me passing the subjects was a task. An honorable mention here has to be the most dreaded subject of all, maths. Ever since Pythagoras theorem came in, my interest in the subject flew out and therefore so did my percentage. Alas! I still managed to pass the 10th standard and such was my seriousness that I had decided to take commerce stream and so was my confidence that I had applied for a single college for my 12th standard. With God’s grace, I did manage to get the admission, it does not matter if my name was at the 2nd last position, in the third and last list. Class 12 even went like a breeze. My days would begin in the cricket ground and end in the cricket ground and unlike the fast-forward kids of today I had no planning of my dream career for my only purpose until then was to enjoy life the way it is.

Then came the time of doing graduation and like any other commerce student even I tried my luck with CA and CS exams even went till intermediate level in CS but then left both because for me none were interesting. After leaving all these options, my only option in mind was to get a B. Com. degree and handle the family business, a typical Marwari boy’s dream. But while pursuing B. Com. my father came up to me and said that rather than handling the business directly, first get some experience on your own. Now after being pushed out of the house to work, it was my obligation to find myself a job and a new career prospect and then came the field of Law.

I started my Law and then in the second year started my first internship. Until now still, there was no seriousness as to how things will happen ?, what if they don’t happen ?, what shall be my backup? The only thing that mattered was me enjoying my work and finally, life had given me one thing that I loved. After doing my L.L.B., I then did my Master’s that too one in Business Law and another in Information Technology and IPR both together, one from NLSIU Bangalore and another from Mumbai University. Then even went and completed multiple diplomas in IT, IPR, Brand Management, and the compulsory degree for Son of any business family i.e. an MBA was also done with.

You must be thinking by now that when was it then that I became serious in life. The truth is that it never happened. 

“You cannot beat a river into submission. You have to surrender to its current, and use its power as your own”

Apparently, life works in a similar fashion. You have to submit to its curves and changes in order to adjust to its ever-changing nature and enjoy it the way it is. Still, there are many things which have been kept unsaid and so shall be decoded further through my blogs, posts and articles!

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