Online Crowd-Funding Newspapers = Another Paid News Agenda Platform

There is no doubt that there was a time when you were interviewed even for a small column in the newspaper, it was taken as an achievement but now coming in newspaper and media have become a marketing gimmick and in fact, it is now more of a sales business and to come on Magazine, Media or newspaper it is all about paid subscription and or barter system. It is not that it is a hidden business but the way it is increasing gives not a good example. The Awards which are being won by law firms, individual lawyers, advertisement creativity, icon award, best award, etc are nothing but one can say 90% of it being a paid barter system and there are companies earning on this aspect. Even giving speeches at any event has become a paid business model. Anyhow in this article, I am stressing on so-called crowdfunding newspapers.
There is no doubt that the majority of news is paid news and paid columns as the main aim is to get into the marketing business and gain profitability. Newspaper is a Business and Business aim to earn profit but for Media and Newspaper, there is no limit. There are no rules or control of what media does. Media or newspapers can build a reputation of anyone in a day or ruin in a day and there are no provisions for making them responsible. There are many cases where the Media or newspaper have been found wanting for wrong news and else but no apology in the manner that can be read. Well, it is righty said that “if you read newspaper or media you are misinformed and if you don’t read newspaper or media you are un-informed”. Better is to be un-informed.
The concept of Crowd-funding of the newspaper has become the more latest way of channelizing the propaganda and this is more common in most the crowd-funding newspaper. The news which is being published is mostly propaganda favoring someone or stating the wrong facts. The question here comes is that if the news or certain facts about the recent war between China and India comes incorrect, whether this does not amount to false news and fake news and if so, then why not action be taken against them after all news and media are being relied on by the public to know the update. There cannot be any reasons for each media and newspaper showing different stories on one matter and hence there is a need to have guidelines. Further, the whole concept of crowd-funding of such newspapers is not being regulated it seems.
There is one newspaper that has given at the bottom of its website calling for money and stating the reasons that they are calling money so that they are free from paid news and share the real news and inform the public about the reality. The point here to cover is that this is nothing but a pure case of paid news as if any business entity or else making the payment will expect the news what he wants and the news if being seen for a year or so for all such crowd-funding newspaper will show one thing in common and that is anti-government stand for whatever stands it takes and hence it cannot be denied that this is just another way of working against India as NGO’s have been strictly denied of any act against Government acts. The reasons I come to this conclusion of such so-called crowd-funding newspaper are just a part of agenda is one can read their article, you will find anti-government stand majority of times.
Today press especially online newspaper has gone to the extent of sharing the news which is purely against India as a Country but in the name of media and democracy the news is being published and most of them are crowd-funded newspaper and they have gone to the extent of even criticizing the Supreme Court judgment on Rohingyaas which is not good for any Country image. There is no doubt the at present even Courts are making their choices on controlling the media/press freedom and this is more dangerous as this gives rise to division.
The role of the press was to act as the fourth pillar but it has failed miserably and miserably and this does call for only those media which are of Indian funding rather than foreign funding as if not, then this will ruin the image of India as a Country.

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