Author: Lalit Jain

Bhagwan Mahavira’s teachings are in consonance with the need to mitigate economic disparity. He preached that both non-availability and excess availability are dangerous.
उत्थान in English means Development/Regeneration and it has a lot of significance when it is understood from personal and other aspects.
Someone has said “Success is never received, it has to be achieved” and for achieving the person just run and run to achieve and there is never an achievement if there is no boundaries or limitation being made to your achievement.
Animals Tourism has become a trend and I have seen people sharing instagram reels on riding camel, elephant and other animals and recently at Saguna Park (Neral) where Ostrich and Lizard family were kept open for public to see and people were actually clicking pics.
The reasons why I went on for so long to define my perspective on life and soul, body and matter is because just recently I came across the news of “World's first 'artificial womb facility” named as Ectolife, which in simple terms be said Baby in a Pod is touted as the new concept by which this will offer parents to ‘produce’ customised babies with the help of artificial wombs.
The Anuvrat movement was and is based on the concept of micro vows which in their fundamental form would or will cause miniscule yet significant positive changes in every single human at the micro level. When these micro changes are observed by every citizen of the nation, it is then the nation observes a revolutionization in the mindset and working of the entire workforce resulting in nation building at a macro level. Such a brilliant idea had a great appeal to masses and many dignitaries of India not only appreciated the movement but even promoted its spread to the masses
The acronym MOWGLI is actually multi-dimensional if understood all around can actually help us all be that successful thriving person we all have ever dreamt of becoming.
Success means being happy in your life and infact Acharya Mahapragya has said “one who gets what we wants is successful but one who is happy what he has got is Happiness”. Through this article I share my perspective of the 7 ways of success.
Smaller Goals are of most importance as majority of times, we directly focus on reaching End goals and this mostly leads to nowhere and infact knowing the smaller goals helps one to know whether their End Goals is defined properly or not and in way of achieving the smaller goals, End Goals becomes easy to reach and also enjoy its fruits.
in truth we trust
Truth and Trust, in my view goes hand in hand and infact If my view and thoughts to put, where is a Truth, Trust does has its presence and more presence of Trust only makes the human reach towards being Truth to himself/herself and to others.