We Are All Confused As To What Is “Success”

I was attending a seminar organized by Terapanth Professional Forum at Kandivali Bhavan and the event just started and in between names were called of Speakers and one of the Speaker was called wherein there was a mention of word “Successful Person” and got to know that he is the Vice President in one Company which is MNC and this struck me to raise a query to my colleague who was sitting next to me stating “Is this Success” and he replied “Aur nahi tho kya” and then I asked what exactly is Success and he replied, “Just see that he is VP today in MNC and have a house at Oberoi and he is invited as Speaker in many events and hence this is Success”. I was just amused as to how the meaning of Success is now a day attributed to Money, Location of Residence, Car Model, Being Speaker, Name, and fame, and this lead me to think if this is Success then I am sure he must be happy.
Another story to narrate is that who recently someone who has a good name in Jain and is a CA by profession shared the news through his friend in one of the Whatsapp Group that he has been selected by one of the leading business newspaper for an Award for some category and there was a flood of congratulatory messages and since I knew the manner in which Award is given by such newspaper as such newspaper they charge to give an Award and I was thinking of how come someone be happy to receive an award against payment and since so, I asked someone that how successful is this person and the answer I received was “Award from such a newspaper company itself proves his metal and success” and I was numb and wanted to be a Dumb.
Well, this lead me to one Query “What Exactly is Success” and this lead to think a lot about myself “Whether I am a successful person and since I was thinking about myself I gave the answer, YES but when I looked at no such award till date nor I am called as a Speaker in any event and neither I am known amongst my community then I asked myself, how I can say of me being successful if this is not done and this leads me to speak to myself about success and guess what I can confirm today with 100% assurance that I am a really a Successful person as I am happy rather than Successful person.
Everyone wants success in life. Actually, Success results in Happiness. If I don’t succeed, I am miserable. Success is a sweet word and everyone wants to gain it. Everybody wants a striking success. If an individual works totally for a Goal, he gets success but here though all of us are working for success and happiness, It is important we understand that every success = need not be praiseworthy nor every failure censurable. Sometimes a failure is nobler than success. Ravana Kidnapped Sita successfully and Jatayu tried to save her, but failed. Who is greater? We know Jatayu’s failure is nobler than Ravana’s success. Ravana is an example of succeeding in an attempt but the goal itself was very selfish, immoral, and not praiseworthy. So what exactly is Success? Is it the attainment of Goddess Sachi by Indra who ultimately drunk with soma-rasa, immersed in sensory pleasures, lost her? It’s said that Lakshmi is cross-eyed, she looks one way but often moves the other way and has a chanchala nature, always accompanied by her twin sister Alakhsmi. So is it the attainment of chanchala Lakshmi the definition of success? There is no disputable fact that LIFE is one whole and it cannot be divided into many compartments. The problem is that we have divided LIFE into many parts or compartments because of which we may be successful in our professional life but miserable in family life. A Successful industrialist may command respect in society but at home when he asks his son for a Glass of water, his son may say “Can’t you get in yourself?”.
I came to the realization that a Success is one respective goal but that goal shall not be selfish and if so, then by no means it is Success even though in public it may look so and since so, such Successful People though are success called by the public but are actually not in the happy zone and if such people are not happy then it is not a Success by any means. To be successful in real terms one has to be happy as a whole as if not then there is no purpose of being Success. The best example is we can say is Singhania Group (Raymond) where though Mr. Gautam Singhania is successful the way his father raised the dispute only shows how failure Gautam Singhania as a son is and since so, what is this success by any means
Well coming back to me claiming to be a successful, is the fact that I am enjoying my work to the fullest, my dreams are always to grow further but at same time am satisfying with what I have and at same time instead of running in this marketing and packaging world, I prefer to be what I am with self-respect and giving all the time to my family, seeing my children growing up, spending time with them, playing with them like children, spending quality time with Parents when they need most, having usage of time in all ways and ensuring not to spend time on Social media and at same time having fun at office with office employees and seeing them smiling all the time and learning at same time and assuring they learn and are groomed properly and I can teach then what I can and ensure their life achieve something during their tenure with my office and achieve their dreams or I can be part of their dreams or goal in life as this will be real success and being out of this paid system of Award and purposely making myself available as Speaker by other means to ensure proper time and to earn which can be sustainable to me and my family and since so in doing this, I am totally happy and if so, I feel I am Successful but yes there is still of hunger no doubt. Well, that does not take away the fact that to be Successful with Happiness one has to strive every day, and hence for this, new dreams have to be seen and goals is made but ensure of no goal be made by being selfish in nature.
It will not be untrue to say that Success depends on each individuals Goal but if that individual Goal is selfish per se, then even if it is achieved is not a Success in its entirety and hence one shall look for the happiness, and once done so, Success follows smoothly and without any past baggage on shoulders.
So basically I can say that “A human with the right Vision is concerned not only with how he can gain success for himself in a given field but also with how he can include others in his success”.

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