Life Is Changing, But Humans Are Destroying Humans

For Mumbaikar and especially Train all kinds of Traveller, the best way to know if life is changed or not is to count the human heads downwards or upward. In my study for the last 8 to 9 years, the down-head counts are more than 95% (and the remaining 5% count may be only who are friends or colleagues who might be discussing or rather chit-chatting something) and might be this 95% head-count in near future will reach 99% which will be bad for humanity and the reasons 1% is left due to beggar and crowds in Mumbai train don’t allow seeing mobile very comfortably. This lifestyle (to say) has changed immensely in negative part and this has affected people in a huge way and in same way as Mobile Towers has affected the majority of sparrow (remember the story of Robot 2.0 Movie). It is said that how technology has acted by creating an imaginary world by all means. It is quite surprising that the majority generation has been moved by the Technology aspect. I still personally remember that around 10 years back I heard of a website and I did visit the website wherein all characters were and are manmade and users need to create the Second Life. On the very 1st day I hardly used the website for 20 minutes and said to myself and prayed that “Hope coming people don’t fall prey” but this changed life at present went beyond my expectation as Second Life is seen in First Life itself and First Life is now in a need to create again. The world has become mobile and I fear a watch size mobile
Neighbour, a term had a meaning but maybe after 15 to 20 years even Wren-Martin will have to change its meaning and bifurcate as “old term neighbor” and “new term neighbor”. The Concept of the Co-operative Housing Society has been changed in small groups and will slowly be changed a lot and even laws on the Co-operative Housing Society are helping to create a gap between members. I am not sure why lawyers are being allowed to practice in certain laws and one is Co-operative Housing Society and another is family.
In India, today we can say nowadays there are more Speakers and Teachers (Majority Unskilled) rather than students or listeners and such has been the fashion of teaching that Speakers have become motivational speakers and mentors to up-bring someone else business and fortune but have no idea of its own business
Small business owners/retailers are nowadays busy discussing the majority of their working hours knowing new jokes and making short videos and there is a great desire to share on social media. Social has become Net Social and not Meet Social and Meet Social has become Club Social such as lions club, rotary club, friends club etc where good deeds and charity are done with a commercial mindset. Well till good deeds are done all is within the bracket of being good.
Life is nothing useful worthy enough is if not enjoyed beautifully with kids, families, friends, etc but technology has diluted this all and for sure there is no mistake of technology but we humans as human have still not understood the Right Balance in every aspect or can say in an aspect not even in knowing the meaning of “Being Success”.
Man is always worried about the future and unforeseen things that he would have to face. What if I grow old? What if I fall ill? Who will help me in times of difficulty? Man needs assurance. He wants positive answers to rid himself of the uncertainties posed by these questions. In order to gain assurance, a small organization named the FAMILY was formed.
These days’ families are breaking down. Family issues are growing in number. There are so many broken marriages. There is a lot of stress and strain between husband and wife, parents and children’s or between in-laws. The reasons for this problem by many is that increase in education, employment and economic independence are creating family problems but the fact is that none of these is the real cause of breaking down of family ties. The cause is LACK OF VISION. All the members of the family must have the vision of one integrated family. In cricket, a batsman might be batting very well, but he cannot restrict his focus to his own score as he has to identify himself with the entire team. There is a lot of unhealthy competition among family members too. Unfortunately, nowadays everything is associated with money and if anyone earning money is termed as PRODUCTIVE and if not, then UNPRODUCTIVE. All the members of the family must understand that the family is one unit and every member is a part of it just as the body is whole and a limb is one part of it. What binds all members of a family together is LOVE. It is important to understand that in one family all members cannot be productive in terms of money but that does not term them unproductive as every member shall have a role and that role shall be taken as the main role and other roles are secondary and each member shall play its role. A Family can only sustain when there is trust and when each member play its role assigned to him and the day when money is disassociated within the family, the breaking of families will be less and the day when Love is there and each member knows the other irrespective, breaking of families will be very minimal, for sure but no doubt, humans are humans and in these donkeys race all want to show their image higher than other and hence we humans fails to live as humans supposed to say. In my view, in a family, don’t try to compete with each other, but play a complementary role for the welfare of the family and society. When we make a good cup of coffee, we find that all the ingredients such as milk, sugar, coffee powder, have different qualities but when mixed in a certain proportion, they surrender their individual qualities and together contribute to the taste of wonderful coffee. This might appear to be the simplest example, but the same principle applies in all departments whether be in a family, business, professional, group talks, etc.
Even Professionals have got their profession wrong for the reasons that all professionals think that “we must learn something and make money throughout of it. One day a lawyer met me during a Legal Seminar held by TPF and I asked what you do and he said “I am a Lawyer by Profession” and when I asked do you take matters of those who are guilty in reality to which he answered, “Being a Lawyer, no doubt and it is my moral duty to protect my client even if he is a criminal”. Is this understanding correct? As I understand that when I took the Law and was reading the Preamble, I always understood that my first duty is to protect the Law and see that people get justice and hence Lawyers are called as Doctors of Social Engineering and if so, then where is the question of protecting the person who works against the law. The education system itself is badly shaped that today professionals cannot be said as wrong for these ethical issues.
The reason behind all these changes I can see is because of technologies around and each human wants to show him or her better than the other and only wanted to earn not for a better living but to only showcase its lifestyle is better than people around me.
It is important to understand that human beings are gifted with three fundamental characteristics of thought, speech, and behavior which are unique. These characteristics are responsible for a person’s continued progress.
And now to share the GOLDEN RULE for the development of a noble character which is as under:
• Possessing a benevolent outlook
• Having faith in discipline and accord
• Limiting Selfishness
• Getting rid of inferiority complex and egotism

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