Install Relevancy And Uninstall Irrelevancy

Installation and Uninstallation are the two very common words that I assume the majority of the population is aware of and might know its meaning. The same is the case with the term “Relevance”. In simple words, relevance means “what is important to me and my success” and if anyone has taken certain hardships to find its answer, for sure, he has to be a successful person in his life. Now to define the term “Success” for all is difficult as for each individual it has its own meaning. But from the general aspect, the term Success means what you enjoy and you prefer and which makes you feel happy and grow in your life. 
The reason I have taken this topic and putting down my thoughts as today is of more importance to know the purpose of what is relevant and irrelevant. There is no doubt that today’s age is Information Age and such is the flow of information from all sides that there is no stopping to this and with time this will rise and rise and in this rising of information, one has to realize where to put a full stop or where to keep a pause or which to delegate which means our goal shall be Install only Relevant and Uninstall irrelevant.
With new innovation comes new technologies and with new technologies comes new desire as this new desire is being given by the Modern Economics concept and this new desire shall be controlled and this is where it differentiates between a successful person and an unsuccessful person.
Well, I am not saying that you shall not have a desire for anything but I am trying to state that having the desire is not bad but running after every desire is not worth and you have to bifurcate what is a relevant desire for you as if not then there is no end for you to express your desire for every new technology.
Why know what is relevant to you?
In last 20 years, there has been the fastest shift from “Landline Phones” to “Handphones” (which is also called as MOBILE) and this changes brought new technologies and new technologies brought new features and on a regular basis, new features are being added to Mobile and to say that today Mobile is worth crores due to synchronization of all other fields’ technologies being connected to Mobile will not be wrong. In a way, this change can be said as a revolutionary change in humankind, and accepting this is good. However, here the problem lies as changes were and are made for the betterment of human mankind but this has been badly affecting the humans at great speed both in terms of killing brains and health in major ways. Today there is a million of the app being developed and is in use and the sorry factor is that everyone is ready to use every app as on trial purpose and to be a part of each and every social networking site.
The best example of how people are losing focus on their Life and Goals is who uses the Facebook account. They use to such an extent that they have got this addiction of replying and be on Facebook to show its presence and in fact, there are cases where having no LIKES or COMMENTS has made one of the attributes towards DEPRESSION and STRESS. The other is TIKTOK App. This TikTok App was just of no use at all for any generation. There can be arguments that there are many who has earned fame and money via TIKTOK but counting such people will never make such new technologies a way towards achieving success and goals. Today social networking sites is almost become mandatory to use with no law backing to use. As said Easy money/results drain the brain and this is actually happening a lot.
One will find that in today’s Smart Phones there is a habit of installing all the apps which are seeing in advertisement and entertainment and others which the majority of them never use but they keep in their mobile. There are apps that have nothing to do with your business or will do any good for you but it is there.
Just think Facebook surfing takes 15 minutes, Twitter takes 20 minutes, each App takes 10 minutes and changing the wallpaper and else takes 20 minutes and in a day there are 24 hours wherein 8 hours sleep is mandated for body and if so, just imagine what work is being done, what goals setting is being done, what up-gradation is being done and this same routine goes on and one and hence many of them might have got degrees but are of zero use as there are no mind applications.
Is Modern Economics is to be blamed for such Killing of Brains or Is regular change an important aspect of Modern Economics?
*Modern Economics has espoused the theory that man’s lure of self- interest needs to be enhanced and hence it has, therefore, became the main objective of today’s economics that as far as possible the attitude of self-interest should be promoted to a large extent. Today the Development is measured by the promotion of self-interest. The Keynes strongly advocated this theory. Well at one end it is good for the economy but not for users.
*Modern Economics is Tempting as well as Useful. An article may appear tempting but may not be useful and another which is useful but may not be tempting and yet another article could be tempting, attractive, and useful. Everybody becomes rich inspirited by the attitude of self-interest, so that wealth when it grows, is attractive but not useful. In human beings self-interest is even otherwise dominant so much so that individual self-interest has created several problems in society. If attempts are made to accelerate this process, the result could be visualized by a look at the conditions of the present times.
*There is no doubt that Modern Economics is concerned primarily with earning profits in utter disregard of man’s basic nature. Anything which does not yield profit is useless from the point of view of Modern Economics. The market is supreme; the product has no value unless it is marketed. Modern Economics has helped solve a few problems and have given some relief but at the same time, it has created more problems.
It is clear from the concept of Modern Economics that the Business entities want you to fall for each product and they make such an appeal that you actually feel of getting the same but most of the time there is no relevancy for you to use the said product and this is where the problem starts and you can say a step towards being unsuccessful.
If you have heard any successful person, you will always find them that they have a very clear mindset and they know what they want to achieve and the reasons their goals are clear because they know what is relevant for them and since so, they are able to use their time of 24 hours is a very effective manner.
Tesla owner has said “I don’t even argue with people anymore because I started to realize that everybody only understands from their level of perception. So now even if you tell me 2 + 2 equals 10, You are right”. This shows that he has made his mind of what to intake and what to avoid meaning thereby what is relevant to him and thereby automatically all other is irrelevant to him. One shall know what is relevant to other may be irrelevant to other and same vice versa and hence one shall ensure themselves as to which is Relevant for them and get the same Installed in your life and goals and what is irrelevant don’t take more than a second to “Uninstalled”.
To end, let me share the thoughts of Lord Mahavira where he has said of putting an end to Luxury. Luxury is absolutely unnecessary. Control it fully. Exercise control over it. This may sound to be hard, but it is imperative.
Savvam vilviyam geeyam, savvam nattam vidambit
Savve abharna bhara, savvey kama duhavaha

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