The person who meets with the failures and not in a position to take the failures as part of life, the best way for such person is to speak to family or near and dear ones or a close friend or client sometimes or your Teacher/ Guru/ Mentor and talking to himself lot.  
There is a WORD which is very important in your life and if you really respect that WORD and understand its meaning, purpose, its strength then for sure you are on a perfect path who knows the way to be in control of yourself and anyone knowing the way to control yourself is itself a big success. This WORD if used as Prefix with any other word just works in one direction i.e., SUCCESS. There is no second meaning other than saying SUCCESS.
Let’s be clear that success does not mean more and more money or post or fame or else but it is more than that. It means that you are in the path where you are enjoying in totality, in your work, in your life, in your own company, with your family and you give great importance to the said WORD in your life. The WORD which has so much significance to your own life and success and in fact the success has the same “alphabet” with this word, is none other than “SELF”. How important is the WORD “SELF” is can be realized from just reading the following words with prefix “SELF”:
If you have attended motivational lectures or read from successful persons, you must for sure have heard this WORD. There is a great saying that if you respect yourSELF or SELF, then only the World will respect you. Isn’t that shows the relevancy and importance of being SELF to your SELF?
Remember understanding yourself shows your’s mental strength and your attitude. It is depressing to note that still in this society at world stage being BLACK is seen from the negative aspect and this is truly being accepted by Advertisement Gurus and in fact, the world has made this term “BLACK BODY” so bad that fairness creams are being used by the younger generation or others too to look FAIR. There is an image of a model named “Nyakim Gatwech” is going viral who has given the name by GOOGLE as “Darkest Lady on Earth” in their search engine (which I feel even Google is not doing the right thing by making this image being search in a negative manner). However, the reason for me stating of her image is the SELF CONFIDENCE she has with her body color and today the World is taking note of her. This is the power of being SELF which can even win the world. Winning the World is not easy but being SELF makes winning the World easy as it gives World to notice you and who can be a better example than Gandhi who because of his self-confidence in himself made the world noticed himself and has earned the name MAHATMA GANDHI.
I can share a story which actually is true and you will realize its importance of being SELF,
My father is 9th passed from Rajasthan in the Year 1950. As to do something in life and to earn made him to reach Mumbai and started with doing small work including job and in Mumbai “Hindi” is popular but to know “Marathi” is equally important to work with. Directly coming to the Year 2005, he learned on its own Gujarati of all variants, Marathi of all variants, Bhojpuri Language, Marwari, and best is he can understand English if heard at medium level pace. Again Directly coming to Year 2010, he learned typing in English in Computer, he learned to teach his grandkids in English in the Year 2021. Let me tell you in this between years he faced horrible financial problems wherein all his friends backed out when he wanted and was alone but he faced the situation and he made again of himself. Well, you might be thinking what is Success has to do with and how is relevant to being SELF. As said Success is what you enjoy in your life and how you handle the situation and Self starts first with you and yourself. He always had and has the self-belief in himself and because he has this SELF with him, he is today what he is. I can say that he is truly SELF KNOWLEDGEABLE. The best part of this that he installed what is relevant to him.
Today the market is very competitive and due to big giants fighting in the market to come on the top, start-ups are just getting thrown away. For ex., there was a start-up in Legal industry who planned to take legal filed online but this big giant fight wherein JIOMEET has almost come to beat everyone with “FREE” at “24 Hours” would have surely broken the heart of that start-up as there is no way they can compete with JIOMEET and this is where being SELF and knowing SELF is important. Lockdown due to COVID 19 is creating a lot of issues among small business traders including Lawyers. Lawyers today in this Lockdown are very and most affected professionals and on that no banks intends to give loans to Lawyers and neither there is any scheme or policies to ensure Lawyers are not affected if compared with other professionals. But this situation has to be handled very carefully and maturely and this is where the SELF CONFIDENCE and SELFNESS comes in picture. It is all about SELF which is taking responsibility on SELF.
I end my thoughts stating that “Success does not mean winning but handling situations effectively when required” and if you can handle the situation this will ony show your maturity to deal with problems and this quality will only make you rise everytime and anytime.

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