Defined Population Makes Economy

In India the public has taken the term “Democratic” is all sense and in all the areas of market and such is the acceptance of Democratic that it has now almost become a burden on Indian itself. There are many examples as to how sometimes our own way of doing the things in what we believe becomes negative for growth. Today everybody is using some organization and or group to ensure teaching what is meaning of being Democratic and Secular. Well, not going into these aspects as there is no end but that reminds of Sadguru wherein he says that “Liberals are Fanatics and their only want is that what they want shall happen and for this, they go to any extent”. The other problem of Technology is that people have left their brain and they more depend on rumor and on friends and colleagues rather than knowing itself and this has and is really affecting the nation, Bharat. The term “Democratic” might have any meaning but when it comes to Nation as Bharat, there should have not been a single debate on anything which hurts Bharat as Nation.
In any Big Organisation, there are HR Departments, Law Departments, and other departments and there is no doubt the records are maintained of all the employees and there is a system being placed on record. There have to be some reasons for having this system and even a small businessman in India who is running Pan Shop can tell you the logic behind such a system. The purpose of having this system of records of all its employees, its KYC, and documents is related to the growth of the Company and also at the same to ensure that the employees are also seeing the growth in their personal lives and for all this, the Company has to keep its budget and for this such records are a major requirement. Having records of all employees, their details, their documents, their progress report and on that, the system is placed in fact is the basis of any business organization to grow and not having means basic work not done and you will find many such cases where employees not signed appointment letter and left with no notice and imagine if such system is not being placed in a business organization having more than 10000 employees what will be the fate of this business organization. Further, the term “No Vacancy” does not mean that it is discriminatory but there is a limitation to any business organization to fill the posts and it is only filled either there is a post vacant or there is growth being sensed and new posts being created. This is very much an admitted norm all over in the corporate world.
Coming to a Nation, even a Nation has to be run in this way. PM is CEO and the Country is an Organisation and even it has to be run like a Company with different goals and ideas if compared to a business organization but that does not take away the fact that if a Nation has its identity KYC and then it is being stored in a system and if their details are known to Nation, this will only ensure the Nation to go through the details of each person and then figure out the best budget being made for public and how the facility be reached to each person. This is what the success nation is all about. However, in India in the name of Secularism and Democracy, this is being killed every now and then by no one but mostly by Liberals Fanatic and then Courts who nowadays have been giving decision in all aspects of areas crossing the real purpose of Judiciary and the best case is of Rohingyas being allowed to stay in the ground taking the morality ground which is purely logical in anyways. Sadguru in one of his talks stated that “anyone cannot come inside from back door and say include me in your family” as this will only kill the purpose of the nation economy.
There is no doubt that the present Central Government is trying to do the best part for coming generation but there are Liberals who are trying to play politics on Secularism and then Media is always there and now new generation of paid media under the name of crowd-funding media and newspaper.
India today is at around 135 Billion population which includes millions of illegal migrants from other countries making the resident with no space to live in and this is where the violence comes to picture and this has to be realized by the Public at large and Courts and shall now not allow Liberals to take this stand which is working against the Nation Bharat and this has been a very disturbing note for Bharat (India). Economy is no doubt depends on population and is restrictive in nature

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