Whether We Are Moving The LIFE Or Our LIFE Is Just Moving

“Main Samay Hoon” we all understand the meaning of these three words and the importance of these words and if not, then COVID19 has shown who is more powerful, “WE” or “Time (Samay)”.
There is no doubt that hearing this “Main Samay Hoon” itself gives the whole meaning to what is Life, what is the purpose of Life and in substance teaches us the relevance of being in life. Whether there is GOD or not is a matter of debate and belief but one thing is sure GOD is nothing but TIME. There is a great saying that until you die Time teaches you in every second of your life which means that God is there with you at all times and the day we start respecting the time which is nothing but equivalent we respecting the GOD and its elements.
You will remember that prior to B.C (herein it means Before COVID19) everything was going at great guns, the economy was good, life was good, plans were made by each individual, the budget was passed and all was at ease and all Political Parties were doing their best to regain their area or Constituency and out of sudden on 11.03.2020 the news of COVID19 being getting at large scale came and then came the news of Lockdown post 15.03.2020 which is still in process.
This COVID 19 has acted good in many ways such as making all family members seeing face together regularly, remembering their food dishes, games being played in their childhood, memories were crossing the mind and it was almost like doing wonders for all lives of individuals and then came “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” and that took all of us to our back brilliant old golden period.
COVID 19 has given the answers that if humans want they can survive on home-made foods, can make a cake out of anything and eat without making faces, can make their living very easy and smooth without caring about carrying any status symbol. However, COVID 19 has also brought and is bringing bad news of all business as all business has got stuck with not running even at the slowest engine, the legal field is now at a full stop, other businesses are getting majorly suffered, laborers were just ignored by all sides and they had with no choice traveled to their villages and it is easily be seen that there is no option of Lockdown being ease very soon. Days are going by and the Government and Health Professionals are doing their best to rework the strategy against COVID19 but in this, the biggest hit is the mindset, body language, future being seen as no progress, family tension, EMI tension, reviving business tensions, kids safety, and security, thinking to ensure all facilities to dependents, school fees, day to day costs and never-ending concern. There are messages being put up on Linkedin of no job, looking for a job, expressing criticism on the handling of COVID19 by Government, no monetary assistance, no help, and many other points which individual at present is feeling and then the biggest discussion of 135 crores themselves becoming an economist and solution providers, Policy Bazaar comes anytime on TV saying or almost pleading to take insurance but never says that COVID 19 is mandatory included in all prior medical policy taken. Too much information to absorb and you are in a bad state of mind at the end almost thinking about what to do and next is what.
The whole scenario and surroundings bring to me one query as to “Whether we are moving the LIFE or our LIFE is just moving”. It is very sad that many of professionals @ Legal, as an illustration, are just getting frustrated and many of them are just seeing of Life is just moving to wait for something to happen and this is not only making the suffered people getting into major DEPRESSION and STRESS but certain people have taken the route of suicide.
Let me confess myself, since the day of Lockdown till date, I was never under any depression or stress not because that I am claiming to be apart from others in my article but for the simple reasons that I was surrounded by family which is the biggest support in anyone’s life and also for the fact that rather than me just going with my LIFE waiting to happen something, I was making moves in my LIFE and this has changed my all mindset, my way of taking and tackling this COVID 19 period and taking my business at an upper level including my Law Firm business.
Let me be very frank, the initial stages of Lockdown I was like for 11 days doing nothing just thinking let lockdown be complete will do all pending works and I was just ignoring and wasting my time watching TV and mobile seeing, replying to non-sense messages at Whatsapp and just trying to pass the time to see the next day. However, this made me more depressed and if not stress but yes I was like what to do and this was with addition making my mood off and this was affecting personal life in a very small way but yes it was. However, as I had and have this habit of doing research on net anything and everything, this made to reach one Youtube video which I heard for 15 minutes (trust me that youtube video was just non-sense and useless and I realized it was non-sense and useless till I completed 15 minutes) and I found one good thing about it that having nothing in the video, the video had more than garnered 1,00,000 views and this made me thinking how and I started reading of values of Youtube views and more and more reading on this took me to a certain level of thinking of Youtube working and modes of working and therein I started thinking of me doing something useful for business. More and more reading and getting into a new dimension of various aspects I just ensure that each second and day to be more meaningful and purposeful. This is where I started making my intentions clear on my business front (Law firm) and then started my research and reading and business system changes required for the coming days. I deleted all non-sense Whatsapp group and if to retain due to relations just made them silent and ignored, all social sites, if at all had any as thank god I never had any interest in using any social networking except Linkedin which today has grown from nowhere to a very great level. In this COVID 19, I and my office team have been happily doing all we can do in the best way and have been easily smiling and making now things happen. I can say that I am deciding what to do tomorrow in this COVID 19 rather than waiting for a day to complete. I changed the way of working of my Law Firm and my own other business in a positive manner. I don’t want to be dependent on single earning businesses and hence I always have this habit of having other revenue sources in other businesses.
The reason I narrated this above story or narrating this story as I have been reading certain posts on Linkedin by Lawyers that “we gave so much to the nation” but we are not getting anything and others and some has filed petition to do another business, someone has filed to allow advertisement, someone has filed to get money as Loan with no interest, someone has filed to make this as essential services, etc. With no bad intention to be different from Legal Colleagues, I have a different opinion on this such as if Lawyers are being treated as essential services, then CA will also call for calling their profession as essential services as every person its own business has to be an essential service for their family and further if Bank starts giving Loan for no interest then every professional will ask and in fact, all will ask. Genuinely there are problems no doubt and even I do feel that pinch and in fact to be the truth, we at THE LEGAL DESK planned FY 20-21 Year as a major jump compared to last year i.e., FY 19-20 as FY 19-20 saw the growth by 150% jump due to new changes made in the business system and this FY 20-21 we were ready to jump at a good higher scale but Time ensures of being uncertain in all ways. Irrespective of COVID 19 today we are much more determined to work with new ways, new modes, different methods, and techniques to achieve that target. What I did is nothing out of the box but surely with a thought of doing something better as in this Lockdown, I completed my a long year pending writing Book (my second book), got myself educated in new technologies exist and upcoming technologies and how to make this applicable to my Business which is Law Firm and other businesses of mine, enjoying my hobbies, enjoying watching South Indian movies (Hindi Dubbed and then original), giving time to family and kids all the more, playing Holi in rains with kids (a new experience in my life purely thanks to Kids). There is no doubt that I am feeling going to the office and start regular working as it was earlier but we know it is not possible now but our work has not been interrupted in any manner and we have a good jump in this COVID19 lockdown period in my Legal Business as well other business which is being at a full stop to my competitors. (Note: Don’t rely on one business, have at least two sources of income). The best feeling I got in this COVID19 when Lockdown was relaxed is when your office employees tell that “I want to come but transport is not there but let me see how can I arrange” and that is the motivation to you as a Business owner and mutual respect just increases more between Business owner and employees when it gives a feeling that employees care for your business and are part of your success story.
The purpose of me putting this content in writing is to speak to others that let not be in the category of “Our Life is just moving” but let’s work and do something new and put the system in your business and see that what all you can do to ensure that your business runs smooth post opening of Lockdown and smooth working of Courts and other works for all business entities as this Lockdown for sure will never come again (we shall hope of not coming again else we are gone) and be ready to work smartly and little hard to cover-up the lost time and if your business system is in place, I am sure your business will only increase your work at a very good pace with less working hours.
Just imagine that all astrologers, Vastu, numerology and or tarot card reader must have told you of great success coming to you in the coming year 20-21 but am sure post this COVID19 you will realize that your life and nurturing your life is with you and not with astrologer, Vastu, numerology and or tarot card reader as they all have failed to warn you of this COVID 19 when they met you. Well nothing wrong to them as it is their business but ensure that your life is in your hands. Think “if a person who has failed in its own business becomes a mentor to teach others how to do business, you can imagine the fate of that business”. Hence, better keep eyes on your own business and what your competitor is doing and then use that great winning formula “Listen to everyone but do what you feel is the best”. Remember the first and best mentor will be your family anytime and always and then comes others.
There is no doubt that Lockdown will be over soon, the business will regain its strength around 5-6 months if vaccination comes and if not, then 9-10 months but there is no certainty that business will be same and hence be ready for toughest competition in the market and to be ready to face that toughest competition, you have to be in the market with upgrade technology and upgrade information and system in your business.
Instead of waiting for the Government to help you or BCI in Lawyers case, local association (in Lawyers case), better is to be in touch with good-minded people, upgrade yourself at above par and make a strategy to move ahead and let the coming days be greater in all aspect.
Giving Life is easy (easy means to end life to get out of the pain) as it just takes less than a second for making your subconscious mind to do something wrong but ensure that your subconscious mind is strong enough to know what is correct and best (Note: there is nothing wrong to be Spiritual in good context). Be in touch with good friends rather than loads of friends, don’t run after LIKES, SHARE, POSTING, etc. Avoid all negativity around you especially social networking sites, sometimes media, useless and unfruitful Whatsapp group, telegram group, etc.

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