Video Coach Bus - “Restriction”, “Reasonable” And “Relevant

Mind directly goes back to those memories when “Papa” and/or “Mumma” used to say that we are going for a trip and the one moment which I am sure must have crossed to all of who knew the relevance of Video Coach Bus is “kya apne bus main TV hain” and this was enough to make the Trip wonderful and long-lasting memories. I personally remember having been able to travel in Video Coach Bus as mostly all the buses from Mumbai to Rajasthan though sold tickets stating of Video Coach but it never worked or never turned on but yes all the trip to South or other areas, I had loads of enjoyment watching TV in Bus and for a fact never saw the full movie but these memories are just a part of enthralling childhood life and a life full of satisfaction and nothing more be requiring as it is in today’s world which is now a part of life, sadly. There is no doubt that the generation of the 1980s and 1990s have been lucky enough to see the transition at a relatively nice pace and not a fast pace and hence this ensured that all from that era enjoyed a time in all ways. Coming to present 2021 Mobile has just been fitted into the category of “Basic necessities” thereby an addition with “Food”, “Clothes” and “Shelter”.
To say that the time has changed will be wrong as in my view, Time is constant and it just goes round and round and does it work and hence what has changed is “We” as Humans and this change in Humans is all about “Demands” which now a day constitutes of the majority of irrelevant demands and this is where the whole system is being disrupted and is being disrupted very badly. To say that earlier generations or our ancestors were not demanding will be absolutely wrong but the difference is all about ingredients of demand and also majorities demands come into the picture and this is where the earlier generations were great of ensuring the coming generations will be able to enjoy what we have but this generations are just ignoring this aspect and not ensuring of being kind enough to come generations. To say that this generation though has access to all kinds of resources and sources are failing badly to ensure keeping coming generations in good health and good surrounding will be true and there are various examples of the same. To say that earlier people were more considerate than today will be wrong and in fact, it can be said that today people are more conscious but the concern is “usage of this conscious” which is making to believe of being more concerned. Earlier with limited resources life was still enjoyable and brilliant and today with all open resources the life always aim to look forward to more and thereby Capital “S” as the disease has come almost part of life as there is no restricting mode with On or Off. I have always preferred to give importance to “Restriction”, “Reasonable” and “Relevant” and this actually shall be the goal of We as humans to have a good and with no Capital “S” life. The 3 R’s might be a Negative Covenant but this 3 R’s is a Positive Covenant in making humans living its life to their fullest. The term “Restriction” is never being taught but it is the most important factor in any successful life. Know the importance of Restriction in any field only helps in adding fuel to growth and having a good life and being Reasonable helps those for whom there is no rule of Restriction and assuming anyone is not aware of being Reasonable then knowing its Relevance helps them to understand their path. Restriction + Being Reasonable + Relevance are enough to make your own way. There is no doubt that “Breaking Rules” when one says “Rules are not be Broken” has its own happiness but provided it is being done in Restriction mode with Reasonable purpose and knowing its Relevance. To say that Going to Parties with friends and having a Drink with Smoke is bad will be wrong as it is definitely an individual perception but in this, the bad part is that they don’t realize the importance of 3 R’s i.e., Restriction, Reasonable and Relevance which if being taken care, life can still be enjoyed. I always believed that We as an individual has our own terms, way of seeing the life, living the life but most of the times and in fact sadly but the majority are not realizing that We might be an individual having our own life but we are duty-bound to someone who can be your parents, sisters, brothers, friend, etc and hence it is important to balance ourselves to make them even comfortable and happy. Living life itself has its complexities if one does not feel the responsibility towards others and if it understood the life is all about placing the cubes in the right areas and path is prepared beautifully.
It is rightly said by Great Chanakya:
Sukhsya mulam dharman, dharmasya mulam arthha
Arthamya mulam rajyah, Rajasya mulam unehaya jaya.
The basis of happiness is religion. The basis of religion is wealth. The basis of wealth is the state and the basis of the state is “control of the senses
[Here “control of the senses” has the ingredient of “Restriction, Reasonable and Relevance”]
Lord Mahavira has said “Put an end to Luxury. Luxury is absolutely unnecessary. Control it fully. Exercise control over it. This may sound to be harsh, but it is an imperative

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