Understanding “SANYAM” Is What Humans need In Today’s Times

Many drivers of individual success / entrepreneurial success are uncontrollable, including timing, the market, competition, and well, lucky breaks. However, there is one thing you can control – YOURSELF. And according to Science, SANYAM/Self-Control is a key quality in life success/ business success. People with high levels of self-control are more effective with their time, thoughtful in their decisions, and productive with their work.
The Term SANYAM has its inclusiveness in the following practices:
• You knowing how to Control Yourself
• Think and Act
• Do the things not necessary at a fast pace
• Always have nature of being Non-Violence in all fields
There is a WORD which is very important in your life and if you really respect that WORD and understand its meaning, purpose, its strength then for sure you are on a perfect path who knows the way to be in control of yourself and anyone knowing the way to control yourself is itself a big success. This WORD if used as Prefix with any other word just works in one direction i.e., SUCCESS. There is no second meaning other than saying SUCCESS.
Let’s be clear that success does not mean more and more money or post or fame or else but it is more than that. It means that you are on the path where you are enjoying in totality, in your work, in your life, in your own company, with your family and you give great importance to the said WORD in your life. The WORD which has so much significance to your own life and success and in fact the success has the same “alphabet” with this word, is none other than “SANYAM”/. How important is the WORD “SANYAM” is can be realized from reading the following role of SANYAM:
Sanyam in Social Media
• Don’t be the Social Media Agent
• Avoiding forwarding all message just to showcase your forward talent
• Forwarding message can be Rumour and spreading Rumour comes to us one day
• Don’t be very active on Social Media as there is a tendency to put all messages in all groups
• Believing all Social Media forwards/news as correct is nothing but shows the brainless nature of such a person who believes and forwards the same
Sanyam in Thoughts
• Don’t Be Afraid, Fight the Challenges
• Positive thinking is only way to achieve success and having peace of mind
• Keep Social distance from all negative and gossip thoughts and talks
Sanyam in Food
• Why eat Food outside when you can have healthy food at home. Avoid regular eating of Food outside
• Avoid Hotels for Food or Drinks, it’s a trial once and then habitual and then addict
• Fast Food is nothing but a shortcut to entry to various Hospital and meeting Expensive Doctors
• Eating Food for health and not for Taste
Sanyam in Character
• Show Great Character to everyone in accepting the facts rather than debating all the time
• Profit is not the only intention of being in Business
• Be an Ethical Businessperson rather than only a Profit Business, person
• Be Part of Nation Growth by avoiding Black Money Business
• Show faith in Good practices
Sanyam in TV
• Watching TV is not bad but seeing unlimited and anytime in waste of life, hence keep a time limit in watching TV
• Avoid getting into any Political Debate unless you are in the business of the same
• Watch good content oriented shows/talks on TV and avoid others
• Watch News but don’t allow them to print on your mind
Sanyam in Feeling
• React very limited as not every reaction is good and in fact, it is a bad habit
• Avoid being a Gossip Monger
• Avoid talking bad for anyone as doing this is Non-Ahimsa
• Control your desire and all means
Sanyam in Following Practices
• Wear MASK and possible Gloves and then go out from home if have to go without another alternative
• Don’t make yourself a Doctor for curing any disease and take proper guidance
• Don’t live in Fear nor spread Fear and hence have SAYAM in Social Media and else as stated above
• Respect Government and Courts Regulation and Restrictions
The above SANYAM is nothing but a shield on your own life and a path to success. Acharya Tulsi of Jain Terapanth (widely popular all over the World) have stated that “Main Hun Apne Bhagya Ka Nirmata” (You are the master of your destiny, the creator of your life)
Now is the Right Time, You must give the Top Priority to the following:
• Give importance to SANYAM in Your Life
• Create the right SANYAM in Your Life
• Devote Regular Time for Meditation
• Get a good night’s sleep (around 8 hours)
• Eat healthy Food
• Care for others and be in connection with those you care about
• Creating healthy boundaries and saying no when appropriate

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