tryst of truth with trust

Jagrut Muni (Terapanth Jain Monk) once said during my personal talk about the life and present scenario and he also stated during the speech he gave at Thane Terapanth Bhavan where he asked one query to the Shravaks (Public came to hear him) as to “what is the thing earlier it was there and in present it is little and in future it will be on sale” to which there was no reply and then reply directly came from Jagrut Muni that “Trust will be on sale”. It is so not true or it was a statement made to enthral the Shravaks.
Truth and Trust, in my view goes hand in hand and infact If my view and thoughts to put, where is a Truth, Trust does has its presence and more presence of Trust only makes the human reach towards being Truth to himself/herself and to others. The person who believes in Truth has to have the character of himself being of self-confidence as the first principle of living with strength and peace is Self-confidence and having faith in oneself is the first priority in this regard, Truth is tough but tough makes or shapes the human per se life and if one knows the history of Dev and Asur and human beings, no doubt will know the toughness of Truth. Sadly in this world or to say the running current era totally upside down as Truth has taken the convenience stage which is being used for each person goal achievement purpose and this has just resulted in knows the exact relevance of Truth. Truth of a person, a one character is enough to decide to have faith in such person and if there is a faith, there is trust and if there is a trust, life living make a simple living with no terms and conditions. But, sadly it is not found in present era and this is being decrease with heavy percentage day by day to be on normal side for stating.
Truth in actual prevails everywhere but in search of development of world earlier, then can nation earlier and now development of individual has made the interpretation of Truth in wrong end. Majority of the public has its view that the work of an Advocate as it is being taught is to manipulate the truth which is actually not a truth. An Advocate duty is to ensure that the truth as stated by its client is true and he is no one to decide who speaks the truth and this is where the Constitution comes as safeguard. However, there is no doubt that today most of the cases are being won on influence basis and in illegal manner and truth is just being side-line or being put down inside the earth and this is very disheartening to note. Indian in known for Land of Rishi Muni and such have been the generation of Rishi Muni that today science can actually be said to take the inspiration and guidance from their efforts and Truth is one of the major principle to be learnt upon. As said above, Truth is tough and also is true to say it is hard to accept but one has to accept the Truth even if it against and or harsh and or unacceptable. “Around 2500 years ago, there lived the king Shrainik who one day, sat in his court. All courtiers were present. A discussion was being held. The subject of the discussion was “What is the most valuable thing?” Somebody stated diamonds are the most valuable thing. Someone said emerald. Someone said gold. Everybody presented an answer in accordance with their concepts. In the end, the noble courtier Abhaykumar presented his stand. Preceding with a silence of two minutes, he replied “the most valuable thing is meat. ”Listening to this, courtiers in the court laughed within themselves, thinking how can something costing a quarter be the most valuable. The king also could not accept this answer and therefore asked him to prove his statement or take it back. Abhaykumar replied that he will definitely prove his point. The king gave him a time of one week. The assembly dispersed. Three days passed away. On the fourth day, Abhaykumar made an announcement to the public- the king is diseased and the doctors have said that the medicine to be given to him must be given along with a piece of flesh of a human heart. Therefore, anyone giving a pound of flesh of their heart will be given one lakh gold coins. The members of the court, hearing this immediately rejected the proposal. Who would accept death in exchange of gold coins? On the eighth day, the announcement of the king becoming healthy without needing human flesh, was made. Meanwhile the king was unaware of the sequence of announcements or even his own health requiring someone’s flesh. Abhaykumar told the king about the events and the king’s own requirement of flesh for his wellbeing. He told him despite best efforts and a hefty amount being promised, nobody was ready to give a pound of flesh of their heart. The king was a bit surprised and asked “even at such a hefty amount, nobody was ready to give a piece of flesh?” Abhaykumar replied -“My lord! how could have been this possible? I already told you that the most valuable thing on this planet is flesh”. He went on to say “it is so uncanny that all our high-ranking courtiers are consumers of meat but do not have the strength to take out a pound of meat from their own bodies. They cannot even think of the pain which innocent animals have to go through.” Hearing this, everybody in the assembly had their heads bent in shame”
Trust is a word nowadays is lost and no doubt will be researched in near future to come as to how Trust comes into picture as today though we know the importance of Trust in our life and its success but majority of them are avoiding to practice and the reason is Greed in all ways and if not greed to its totality then ensuring importance to ourselves rather than to give importance to knowing the exact goal and purpose.
Long back in Year 1990, Comedy Kind Late Great Jaspal Bhatti came with the show named as ”The Flop Show’ and all the 10 Episodes shown prevailed at that time but Late Great Jaspal Bhatti knew of the future and all 10 Episodes had its ingredient on showing what the Future holds on to. In one such episode, the Late Great Jaspal Bhatti had its own business set-up and the business was that Late Great Jaspal Bhatti was taking the contract of purchasing the MLA (Politicians) to ensure which Political Party can make or form government and when to be broken which is no doubt realty in today present era. On Trust Bharat Ratna Awardee and Great Late Poet and Prime Minister Atalji had given the great speech on Trust when due to one vote the Government was fallen and in that Speech the Great Atalji stated what India as Nation will suffer due to breaking the Trust.
There is no doubt, in today’s world all are running for something and this something is money and fame and all are in such hurry that the realty of being human is lost. Human have become greed and all what is being done in the name of Development and Economy is actually shaking the real purpose of life and also have somewhat killed the brain of the present era generation. “Once a cow’s capacity to give milk reduced. She started giving one kilo of milk instead of five. The owner thought- there is a wedding after a month. Fifty kilos of milk will be needed in the wedding and the cow is only giving a kilo. Let me stop milking the cow for now and milk her for fifty kilos straight, on the day of the wedding. And so he waited but on the day of the wedding, it turned out that he could not even obtain a drop of milk in the container. He got confused as to where did the milk go?”
I am always of the view that Trust has no second chance as once Trust is broken, there to develop Trust is just next to impossible though it may come but in my view Trust once broken, Compromise comes in picture and once Compromise comes, regaining Trust is just next to impossible. Truth is just being a theory nowadays and in books and Trust is also getting the same place as Truth had got. Time is still there to understand oneself and live in a restrict manner and know Trust relevance and being Truthful else, be ready for the next generation of doing research on what is Trust.
It a fact Truth will always Prevail always but Trust will be on sale

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