“Success” has no “End” and hence “Myth”

Most of the Motivational Speakers, Linkedin Preachers, Whatsapp Status Post talk majorly of two things, one is Success (how to achieve and what is Success) and another is Karma. Such are in heavy loads now-a-days and that too in various ways that people have imbibed the term Success and have started relating to Karma, which is nothing but nonsense but then that’s the problem with forwards, half knowledge and copy-paste. I asked during meets, lectures and networking meets as what is Success mean to you, the major reply is “success what I achieve”, “success never ends, it goes on and on”, “success is my promotion”, “success I cleared by CA”, etc. Well, there is no doubt no-body has any definition of success but everyone wants to be in “successful bracket”. It is being stated by many that Sachin Tendulkar is very successful as he achieved everything in Cricket, life and same with Amitabh Bachchan and others. Well, there is no success in either of the above two great personality but the term usage is Success. Go to Google and the  “success” meaning it shows as “the fact that you have achieved what you want; doing well and becoming famous, rich, etc” and “the thing that you achieve; something that becomes very popular”. Do you really thin Google is correct? Well if I say no, readers will start assuming I am idiot as there is a greater belief that Google can never be wrong. Well even if it so, Let me say that even Google is wrong when it has defined Success as stated above. The key words what Google has said is as under:

  1. You have achieved what you want
  2. doing well
  3. becoming famous, rich
  4. something that becomes very popular

If this is the criteria then whey not we put the name of Late Amou Haji or Uncle Haji in the list of most successful person as all above four points was achieved by him and if so, then why the Google and World refer to him as in negative by stating him as “World dirtiest man”. Isn’t it surprising? Why such bifurcation and for what? Just give a thought

Someone has said “Success is never received, it has to be achieved” and for achieving the person just run and run to achieve and there is never an achievement if there is no boundaries or limitation being made to your achievement.

Myth as defined by Google is “an idea or story which many people believe but that does not exist or is false”. Success as defined by Google “the fact that you have achieved what you want; doing well and becoming famous, rich, etc” and “the thing that you achieve; something that becomes very popular”. So if we say Indian Mythology, people don’t understand or realise that we while talking about our Vedas, Jain Agam at public platform and using the word mythology itself takes away its important. Have you ever heard “American Mythology”, “ Mughal Mythology” but all have heard “Indian Mythology”. Just think twice before you use this work while in your discussion.

Well, for sure the Success definition is different from person to person but since Google has stated 4 points, it majorly covers what each person will say about meaning of “Success’

Lord Krishna during his verse with Arjuna said that “I am the ultimate and there is nothing what I cannot achieve or get what I want but still I am in this Earth with you and fighting the Battle”, hearing this Arjuna asked “But Why”, Lord Krishna says “I know there is nothing left for me to do, but I am still doing as I want to do Karma and with greater power comes great responsibilities and I don’t want generation to learn that after achieving everything one shall do Karma so that yourself can be purified in all ways and set an example” Hearing this excerpts, Sanjay who got the power to see, hear and listen all conversation was shocked and explained to Dhritarashtra that this words can be only shared by Lord Narayana and no one else and hearing this Dhritarashtra was shocked but not surprised as he knew who is Lord Krishna.

Without naming the Solicitor who is the Owner of one of the Top Law firm and his father being at big post for India is doing well and infact if measured of Success as per the Google criteria, then he is the most successful lawyer in India but his daughter tried committing suicide. Now the point is whether this be taken as successful in life or failure. If failure, why and if success then why such incident/ Where actually the success lies in this matter

Another one whom I know, is doing very well in business and his family is with him but time is less and all are doing well and have been reaching the targets very well. Earlier when I met in 2015 after long time, he said his target is to reach 400 Crore, he did and then he scaled to 500 and then 650 and then 700 Crore. Today in 2022, I asked you must be feeling the sense of successful, his reply was “not exactly as till I don’t get to 1000 I will not take as success”. Isn’t he not running and for what? Here the principle of Visarjan (as per Jain Agam) comes to understand the meaning of success or to say being successful

Success as mean by Google and majority is limited to your achievement, doing well, becoming famous and being popular. This proves that this concept of Success is pure creation of Modern Economics to ensure that the people don’t stop understanding the real meaning but to run to achieve what is never meant be taken as happiness. Modern Economy has actually ruined the whole intent of sustainable development and now the term sustainable development is gaining importance when the time is running out. Success was never meant to be the part of one life and this has ruined the happiness. It is proper to say Happiness is Success. Success is just a myth which has been created as part of life to ensure public to aim more and achieve more. Aiming and achieving more is not bad but there is no limitation marked it upon. Hence you will find many examples of how actors are committing suicide even they are meeting the criteria of Google definition.

We believe that being rich, thin and happy makes us successful, but these are not indicators of success, they are wishes. These are mere indicators created by society to measure how successful we are in life. The secret to success is giving up the idea of success altogether. Success is a bullshit fairy-tale people tell you to inspire you to continue reading more bullshit fairy-tales and make you feel like you’re on the road to somewhere great, without actually getting you any closer. It’s an addiction, a longing, a lacking, a hunger. Success doesn’t exist because, once you achieve it, you’re going to look around and ask yourself, “What else?” Instead of aiming toward success: ask yourself what you like to do, what you’re willing to suffer for, and what problems you want to solve. Then, go out and do those things, suffer for those things, and solve those problems. This will bring you joy, peace and purpose. These are far better and more permanent than success itself.

You might be thinking as to how Success is a Myth. It has its answers in branding goods and un-branding goods. Since childhood we are being told and taught that this are branded goods means original and this are duplicate. Today I understand there is nothing duplicated but two different brands in same market. So basically, one who spend money on advertisement are taken as branded and original goods whereas the truth is there are many other goods which are not on spending list on advertisement but are far better than advertised goods. This shows that the education itself is the part of Modern Economics. It is not late to realise the importance of Mahaveera Economics as Mahaveera Economics shows the real path and meaning of term “success” as it always means as Being Happy is Being successful.

Don’t run after meeting Google criteria but be sensible and be happy rather then being successful.

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