Steering the Wheel of “Anuvrat” again

Recently I read the news that a Young Boy killed his friend for not sharing his instagram id, a group of friends venture into drink and drive and killed themselves and many such incidents where we find the Youth are not understanding their responsibilities towards Family and Nation and this is creating a huge concern as Youth in India is being considered for the growth of India as Nation. This news is more of shocking nature as this shows where the Nation and its Youth is heading upto. Today Drinking has become a daily affairs and part of Food habits and infact having Tobacco Hukka has become a weekend enjoyment at home or at parlour as much as Cigarette and this can be found and seen in all section of religions be in Hindu, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs and others and this is a major concern when one think from family perspective and Nation perspective as Whole.

At the time of me reading this above news, was reading the book on My Spiritual Journey as written by Acharya Mahapragya (who is also called as Swami Vivekananda of Modern Era) and this took my mind back to the book as written by Acharya Mahapragya and APJ Abdul Kalam (Late President and Scientist of India) named as “The Family and The Nation” and all this moved me towards Anuvrat.

I am inclined to state that the era of Indian Independence was an era of Revolution. It was the period when some of the brightest minds of the World co-existed together and the theories, philosophies and ideas which have their presence even today. It is relevant for me to state here that at the time of independence when two nations (India and Pakistan) were being torn apart, there was a massacre of humanity and unity all together for citizens of an ancient civilization were being separated causing communal violence in its worst form. It is important to state that when at the of independence and humans were killed and Nation as India was totally losing the Youth, Ganadhipati Tulsi, 9th Acharya of Terapanth Jain Sect, introduced the concept of Anuvrat. It was a movement specifically curated for the then situation of helping a crippling society stand up and form itself for the betterment of the humanity. The directive principles of the Anuvrat Movement are:

The Directive Principles of ANUVRAT
  • Developing human unity
  • Developing the feeling of co-existence
  • Developing rectitude of behaviour
  • Developing the technique of introspection
  • Developing right standards in society
  • Developing trust in the purity of means
  • Developing will-power and self-restraint
  • Developing communal harmony
  • Developing inner purity
  • Developing fearlessness, objectivity and truthfulness
  • Developing non-attachment
  • Developing an awareness of the limits of individual possession and consumption
  • Developing a process of bringing about transformation of consciousness and emotional state

The 15th of August is not just Independence Day but also a day of introspection. Independence Day  should not be confined to only celebration, but it is a day for introspection, retrospection especially  about  condition of people and whether  our fledgling democracy is  getting strengthened or moving in opposite direction

Anuvrat, named as Anuvrat League earlier and then Anuvrat Movement was the idea of Great Spiritual Leader, Ganadhipati Tulsi. According to Ganadhipati Tulsi, one cannot solve the problems of violence, human rights, poverty and the environment all at once. Instead, Ganadhipati Tulsi thought that by employing the concept of small vows for the individual, borrowed from the Jain tradition, he could develop the framework for social improvement achieved through personal action. The Jain doctrines of ahimsa (non-violence), aparigraha (non-possession) and anekant (nonabsolutism) also served as the foundation for Ganadhipati Tulsi program.  The aim of Anuvrat was to make human being better than what he is. Anuvrat was shaped by Ganadhipati Tulsi for the reason to ensure Moral Education and Peace launched this Anuvrat Movement on 02.03.1949 and the first 71 Anuvratis who joined, Ganadhipati Tulsi wrote their name himself. The then President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad said “Acharya Sri, the Anuvrat Movement is very beneficial for the country  and thereafter PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also got attached to this Anuvrat Movement. It is important to note that In Year 1958. Mr. Sugan Chander, MLA introduce in the UP Legislative Council a motion bearing the signatures of 27 fellow-legislators stating that the State shall give all necessary co-operation and help to the Anuvrat Movement launched by Acharya Sri Tulsi all over the country. After Long debate the resolution as amended by the Chief Minister, Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia was adopted, “The House resolves that the Anuvrat Movement launched by Acharya Sri Tulsi is highly commendable”. The Government of Rajasthan too published in the Order in its Gazette of November 1968 offering fullest possible co-operation to this Movement.

Key teaching of Ganadhipati Tulsi was his view that positive social change depended first and foremost upon the ethical and spiritual conduct of the individual. Putting this philosophy into practice, Ganadhipati Tulsi thus formulated for Anuvrat a series of ‘small vows’ (anuvrat) of ideal conduct, something he envisioned would beneficially impact both individual as well as society alike

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan once wrote “There is a general feeling in the country that while we are attending to material progress and doing substantial work in that direction, we are neglecting the human side of true progress. A civilized human being must be free from greed, vanity, passion and anger. Civilizations decline if there is a coarsening of moral fiber if there is callousness of heart. This is unfortunate and to remedy this growing indiscipline, lack of rectitude, egotism, the ANUVRAT MOVEMENT was started by Acharya Tulsi on March 1, 1949. It requires strict adherence to the principles of good life. It is intended to impart education in moral and spiritual values

A dialogue from Ganadhipati Tulsi biography between Mr. Alvira (a representative from UNESCO) and Tulsi in regard to Anuvrat Movement: (Here AT means Acharya Tulsi)
Acharya Tulsi: Have you seen the rules laid out in Anuvrat Movement?
Alvira: Yes, I have seen them. Why is the construction of these so negative?
Acharya Tulsi: To restrain something, it is important to negate it. There is no limit to ‘Do this, Do that.’
Alvira: Even in the Bible, the rules laid out have punitive tone, but it also says: love your neighbour
Acharya Tulsi: Such an explanation is also there in the Anuvrat Movement, extend amity Maitri to all. However, this is a teaching not a vow
Alvira: Indians have a strong belief in nonviolence and want to integrate in their lives. They are fortunate to have such a living inspiration like you. Can it be spread in the Western countries?
Acharya Tulsi: Why not, who does not want to live an ethical life and especially, if we have supporters like you
Alvira: I am always there with you in this noble cause.

Anuvrat was and is not about Jain Religion but all Religion and it had a lot of impact in India and all over the world

The Anuvrat movement was and is based on the concept of micro vows which in their fundamental form would or will cause miniscule yet significant positive changes in every single human at the micro level. When these micro changes are observed by every citizen of the nation, it is then the nation observes a revolutionization in the mindset and working of the entire workforce resulting in nation building at a macro level. Such a brilliant idea had a great appeal to masses and many dignitaries of India not only appreciated the movement but even promoted its spread to the masses

Today, as we celebrate the 75th Independence Day of this great Nation of ours, we once again bring ourselves across the concepts of Anuvrat for the situation calls for the remembrance of the principles of the Anuvrat movement. I believe that India possesses the very capability of becoming a super power within the coming 10 years, for it possesses what other countries are in a dire need of, a youth working force which becomes a highly valuable asset for any nation. However, what is even more necessary is driving this YOUTH force towards a productive utilization of their energy and time.

This is where comes in the concepts of Anuvrat, which needs its implementation. It is the Anuvrat movement which if brought forth and explained to these young minds can not only bring in a change in the mindset but will also lead to creation of ideas like positivity, discipline, co-existence, tolerance, humility and humanity. These miniscule changes will in fact further cause these minds to think in the right direction and use its creativity towards innovation, creation and nation building, which I believe is the need of the hour

The intent and logic begin Anuvrat today seems missing and it seems that even Government is not taking interest in making Anuvrat a part of the life of the Youth and hence the need of the hour is Steering the Wheel of Anuvrat.

Acharya Mahapragya along with APJ Abdul Kalam (Late President and Scientist of India) wrote the book on The Family The Nation and the whole concept was how an individual shall be in the country like India where the languages and culture differs in every 200 Km and this Book shared the vision of how Government can play the major role in making the Youth of today understanding the values of Anuvrat and thereby knowing himself/herself and thereby it provides the assistance in the Growth of Nation. Acharya Mahapragya along with APJ Abdul Kalam (Late President and Scientist of India) both Legend in their respective field had shared the thoughts and great suggestion have been given and also steps can be taken is stated but sadly it has remain in the Book itself.

The purpose of putting this in article is to stress that it seems that today generation are losing their concept of being Human and part of being great Nation in activities which will yield nothing but personal enjoyment for a small time but as a Nation it is providing breaks in the growth of the Nation of our Mother India. PM Modi have been stressing on the majority population being Youth and how Youth of today has the power to change the India and if so, then it seems the seeds are not being sown properly in right channels and this may be due to whatever reasons is attributed to including system process in all categories be it legal, pharma, etc.

Anuvrat the name itself has the magical powers and it seems either it is being lost somewhere in today generation of 21st century or the channelization is not being done in proper manner and hence it has become all the more important to ensure that Anuvrat, its principles, purpose and intention and history is being reached to all sectors of religion be it Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jews, Dalits, and many other respected caste and religion as if not then as a Nation, it is not a good sign and for the World it is very bad as the whole purpose of Humanity is getting lost.

I will never say that Anuvrat has lost it shine as it can be seen in certain sectors but yes it is sleeping mode and the dream of Ganadhipati Tulsi of Anuvrat is not meeting and hence it is the duty of us now to ensure to reach out in large scale in a proper channelize manner and time is now to Awake.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said, ‘If we want to build a great country, it should have a firm foundation… such a foundation is of character … What a good piece of work is being done within the Anuvrat Movement! I think the more this work progresses, the better it is.

Steering the Wheel of Anuvrat Again, name itself speaks of what we have to do now to ensure it is not too late. It is important to know what Anuvrat will bring:
Where there is righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in the character
When there is a beauty in the character
There is harmony in the home
Where there is harmony in the home
There is order in the nation
Where there is order in the nation
There is peace in the world  
[Taken from the Book The Family The Nation, written by Acharya Mahapragya and APJ Abdul Kalam (Late President and Scientist of India)]

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