Non-Violence – “A Silent Success Capsule”

Everyone wants to have a good life

Everyone wants to have a peaceful mind

Everyone wants that everyone should know them

Everyone wants to be successful and happy

Well everyone wants the above in their life but they don’t understand that this is possible only if one practices Non-Violence in its real terms but majority of them does not have patience. Peace is not possible without ahimsa. Non-Violence keeps you calm, your mind in vision space, your heart stable, your five senses working perfectly and most important your thoughts becomes more clear with clarity. Non-Violence is linked to your Body, Your Soul, Your Blood running the Body, your desires, your emotions, your movements and the only result coming out will be Positive

From Hindu ethos point of view, Ahimsa had been an indivisible element of since times immemorial. Hindu seers and sages went to the extent of pleading mercy and kindness even for the tiniest life in the divine creation. Ahimsa is the Hindu belief that symbolizes love, genuine care, and compassion towards all living beings. The principle of ahimsa extends far beyond avoiding causing physical harm; it also includes avoiding causing harm through speech and thought.

In Jainism, humans, animals, plants, mountains, and the whole of creation speaks of their life is also sacred and should be loved and revered

From Buddhism point of view, “Comparing others with oneself, one should neither kill nor cause to kill” [Dhammapada 129]. Non­violence is liberating because in each and every moment that it suffuses one’s mind, in that moment the mind feels compassion, identification and empathy with other beings.

From Christian point of view, Jesus taught his followers to follow the same rhythm of nonviolence and enemy-love. “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also” (Luke 6:27-29)

In Judaism, while absolute nonviolence is not a requirement, the religion so sharply restricts the use of violence, that nonviolence often becomes the only way to fulfilling a life of truth, justice and peace, which Judaism considers to be the three tools for the preservation of the world

In Islamic, Should anyone confront you with violence, you should try and repel it with peacefulness, whereby he who is your enemy will become your friend

Even though the doctrine of Ahimsa, i.e., non-injury, has been given utmost importance by Jainism in the ethical code laid down for constant observance by all sections of the society and its practicability has stood the test of time since so many centuries, still sometimes a charge is made against the doctrine of Ahimsa to the effect that it is essentially negative in character in the sense that it always prohibits persons from doing certain activities. Ahimsa is non-injury in mind, speech, and action towards any creature, detail as under:

  • In Mind – not to think maliciously of others
  • In Speech – not to use foul language, swear, backbite, or quarrel
  • In Action – avoid injury to any person or creature
Non-violence should not only be a philosophy or principle but also a whole way of life has been put into practice

What qualifies for Non-Violence?

  • LOVE with no hate of any kind
  • TRUST with no returns
  • UNDERSTANDING with patience
  • ACTIONS not resulting harm to oneself and others
  • RESPECT with no expectations
  • FULFILMENT with no exhibitions
  • WORK without advertisements
  • GAINING KNOWLEDGE for your improvement
  • KNOWING LIMITATIONS for your growth
  • LISTENING not just to answer

Non-Violence in Younger Generation, is a serious concern and a topic needs serious discussion for the reasons that in today informational age all have lost patience and all are running for quick relief and having Disprin for faster relief is the proof of no patience. There are no short cuts to Moksha and Jain Agams have stated this in detail as to how the Moksha can be attained. Short-cuts are not the way to lead the life and for any result, hard work and patience are required and if any short-cuts leads to some success, it has its own path. The best example is the person who won 1 Crore in KBC many years back and today he is penniless for being not able to understand the management of 1 Crore. It is all about his bad Karmic Particles but it has its relation to Non-Violence principles. The term “Non-Violence” is being taught today only from one way, No Fight but the real meaning has been lost. Even Media showcase the violence in very heroic manner thereby giving wrong lessons to this generation. There is no single school topic on practice of non-violence and this is leading bad for young generation and this is where, Jain Acharya and Sadhu and Sadhvi plays the big role.

Non-Violence and Health, It is a settled fact that one will possess great Health if you are able to control your mind and you have strong hold on your five senses and for this Non-Violence is the key. One who deviates from the same is the start of deterioration of health and this is the reason that today even the younger generation are being suffered from serious diseases. Sayam is the key to all great health and Sayam is nothing but a part of Non-Violence. As said earlier and now that even giving negative feeling for others is a part of violence as you are speaking which is not required. Live and Let Live means, know yourself, shape yourself, understand yourself, examine yourself and in doing so, don’t share your meaning to others as each one will think of themselves. Someone has said very true that “ each individual thinks for themselves and it has its meaning to. The day we recognises our self, that will be the start of your success.

Non-Violence and Economy, I am of the view that we all are thieves in a way. If I take anything that do not need for my own immediate use and keep it, I thieve it from somebody else. It is the fundamental law of nature, without exception, that nature produces enough for our wants from day to day; and if only everybody took enough for himself and nothing more, there would be no pauperism in this world, there would be no man dying of starvation.

In Today fast changing world, non-Violence is linked with Economy and since so, the whole purpose of Non-Violence is disturbed. The present Economy run on Modern Economic Theory “all wants/desire shall be touched upon” or “sell whatever you can and how you can”. Great Chanakya said that everything shall be valued but in way to ensure its limitation but in present Economy the term “Value” has earned more limelight and other part has been left out and this has resulted in huge violence in all aspects of growth.

Unlimited desire and wants is the main trigger for Violence and hence Non-Violence has been side-lined stating as “No impactful on Relevancy to Humans”. Today there being no Limitation to desires and wants with no ending. The term “Ending” has no end in today’s life and since there is no end, all are just running for no reasons and thereby the diseases such as stress, depression, overthinking, failure, etc. Religion has become the great problem which is resulting in violence as no one wants to understand the Religion true meaning but is ready to fight to save the Religion

Non-Violence is actually the Booster to your win at all the time for the reasons that those who practice and understand non-violence will always have a great sense to act as per the situation. Non-Violence is nothing but an act to keep you with you and sharing the limitation as a boundaries and one who knows its limitation has greater chances of success.  Here limitation is not meant of you not dreaming beyond but knowing what is relevant in all aspects.

At the end, there is no time to wait to understand the Non-Violence and lets adopt the same in our everyday life and let’s try to be part of great humanity

Great Acharya Mahapragya stated that “Conversations cease when we learn to discover the joys of internalization”

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