M.B.A (Mind, Balance and Anupreksha)

“Whatever I did out of delusion, I shall never repeat”

– Acharya Mahashramanji on Life Mantra

All are running in this world 24×7 and this running is purely no doubt the outcome of following the principles of Modern Economics. However, to blame the principles of Modern Economics alone will be totally bad and not true also from larger perspective. Human “need” includes “all” but what exactly they need even they are not aware if confronted them. In this time, when due to internet and technology, the local market now covers global market and global market covers local market, humans are still in the race. If someone goes through Linkedin, there are post being made about how in their view purchasing an Car means success and they will write half a page to claim of their story to purchase the car and will then leave to other professional to either comments or like and if someone dislike, reply will come at light speed.

Many of them boost themselves by stating of having an MBA degree (Master in Business Administration) from so called given top numbered colleges but that just never makes their life successful. The successful and happiest people are those who understood the real meaning of MBA.

Today majority of students, employees, others commit suicide, break the relations, be part of domestic violence, fighting for even smallest of issues, breaking of relations in two partners as one is not able to perform what he/she shall do, etc who are degree holders, highly educated. Education and degrees does not serve the purpose to humans as humans in need of such education have forgotten how to live the life. One night stand, mutually benefit relations, etc have become the trend and infact me saying it is wrong will be incorrect but stating of this be true and not wrong will also not be correct. Need, Desire, Satisfaction have covered our mind in such a majority proportion that we have forgot what exactly the way to live is all about. Time changes, situation changes, pattern changes, mind changes, social factors changes, needs changes and the reasons is change is the only change which will be changed but what shall not be changed in the thought process.

Jain Agam speaks of Sayam i.e., Restrain. Sayam is the answers to all the problems which is happening in today’s world. Just imagine if we have Restrain policy in all our acts and other acts, things will change and so also the situation and in turn we too. A Soul whose “Mind” is not “Balanced” will never end as successful person or happy person.


The mind is like a main railway junction. All trains leave from the main station – it is the junction at which all lines and inter lines meet and depart. When such a main station is not functioning properly and needs overhauling then how do you expect the various lines and inter lines to function well

Mind is what we are all about. It is important to understand that “If mind controls you, you are imbalance and if you control mind, you are what a human has to be in reality. Mind is the most complex part of the body and if compared with outside world then in my view Mind is more complex than space. Whether space has end or not is itself a non-resolution question to this generation but in same way even Mind has no end or start. It has its own space and my experience is that Mind is nothing but space and the reason we have got Mind is to explore the space. If you see the computer working mechanism, we have got the way to find out how computer works and in there one finds its deficiencies and improvement way out. In similar manner infact more than that Mind works for body and body only does what Mind shares with body. Mind and Body has to be connected and when Soul comes, the whole system in Humans play violin. It is upto you how you play body with Mind. A good mind does not mean thinking all what is not good or else but good mind is a clear mind and having purity in mind gives the way to your body to understand what you need. Mind is a huge unlimited gigabyte of storage which has the capacity of knowing the past, if you can reach there, store the present and analyse the future but to do this you need to be expert in understanding the Mind and for this, you need to be yourself rather than for others. Helping others is termed as good deed in various scriptures, Upanishads, etc but the question comes is you can only help others if you have won over your mind.

Any organisation who has clear vision, mission and goal only succeeds and success does not mean only money but overall growth and hence to have an overall growth in you and yourself, your mind needs to be clear and pure. Pure mind always comes if your mind is clear and clear mind comes when you make your mind of what is to be done and not to be done. The term “what is to be done and not to be done” is a very delicate statement and it does has many interpretation and ways of thinking and if taken from per se wise it is okies but if taken with others it has its negative impact.

There is trending today of “there being nothing wrong in being physical to more than one partner” and there is traditional mindset of “this being wrong and infact law says of being in adultery”. In this version it becomes very difficult for someone to decide which to be accepted and not. There is a belief that manuscripts speaks in favour of “no wrong if having been in physical with more than one partner” but another version states of “this being not the fact is”. This is where the term “what is to be done and not to be done” makes more complicate. The term “need” has become the “necessity of life” and “necessity of life” has becomes the “part of life” and this “part of life” has become the “way of living the life”. Human relation comes with Bond and without bond there is no relation in reality. We Humans use our mind and yes we have to as this is what for the mind is. The term relation means “more than one” and the term “more than one” means either “you with someone else in similar way” or “you with yourself”. “You with yourself” is what we say a path to reach nirvana and in today’s world this has become the most negated part and hence the Mind is restricted. Talking about “you with someone else in similar way” means two partners either be A with A, or A with B or B with B, the relation even if for small time comes with bonding. It is a proven fact that any relation with no such bonding only creates ruckus in your mind if not sooner but later. Mind does not alone works in isolation but in line with the body and Soul takes care of both body and mind. Your Mind first and then Body makes the Soul later wherein the fact is Soul is first waiting for your Mind to ensure what your Body shall do and then Soul takes the picture of his future life. It is easy to say that there shall be no attachment but this shall be practice in purely non-violence way. Non-violence means not even a smallest form of violence in any manner and this can be practice only when “you are with yourself” and not by signing contract with your partner or else in any mode. Life is lived in the manner that there is no discomfort and your action decides the manner in which your life take the path and in all the Mind plays the bigger role.

As stated earlier “Mind” is “Space” and “Travelling to space” means “Travelling within you” and Travelling with you means understanding the whole mechanism of “Who we are” and What we are” and “What we be for shall be”. We found Mars, Venus, galaxies, etc which is nothing short of magic but aren’t this the part of our Mind wherein when we travel and we find answers to, “Who Am I”, “What I shall be like”, etc and in this travelling within you, the answers you want to “I” and not “Else”.

If any human Mind is not stable we say “unsound mind”, isn’t that strange as he is not of “unsound mind” but he has lost in the space within mind for the reasons of not knowing the methods and manner to travel. Travel with any attachment makes a concern and with detachment only makes the successful traveling.

Things to Ponder on “Mind”:

  • A worldly human looks after his physical well-being but a wise human looks after his/her mind’s welfare too and pays full attention to his mind. The great Patanjali has written Three Types of work. For purifying speech, he created grammar, for keeping the body clean and healthy he wrote a book on medicine Patanjali then thought he had made speech clean grammatically and made the body strong and healthy but side by side if the mind was not pure it would not help the body and speech no matter how pure they both were. Without a healthy mind man cannot remain happy for long so he produced his third week work on abstract devotion
  • Do we ever talk to our minds like that we talk to our friends, to strangers, different types of people, but do we ever hear of people talking to their Minds, No and the reason is that the mind is an abstract thing, we have not thought of it strength. We take care of the body for we can see it with our eyes. We control and refining speech but we have disregarded our minds completely
  • Great men have said that in order to keep the mind the centre clean and pure you must associate with those who appearing thought word and deed
  • Who has tied you down = Your Desires
  • First human forms a habit then the Habit forms him habits and leave him to the appear to be harmless
  • The Mind when it becomes healthy and strong can control itself and needs no longer the treatment of a mental doctor
  • Mahavira taught the saints from his book of religion, Sooyagdaang, “Remember do not ever become slaves to your habits your desired once you became slaves to your desire you have become the slaves of the world”
  • Truly speaking you should get yourself photographed when you are full of anger and your eyes are red your lips trembling and the inside enemy coming out in all its fierceness and ugliness then you should have your photo taken and it usually look like the image of a demon whenever you see that photo you will be aware of getting into a passion that photo would keep you in check
  • To lose money is not a misfortune it is not important but once you lose the element of happiness from life you will find it very difficult to regain it
  • It is our duty to channel all our resources to creating happiness all around us
  • Train Your Mind by controlling your senses and emotions by controlling your thoughts and words and you and you will be setting out in the right direction for your goal. Is all about
  • The mind is the measurement of the spirit
  • The mind can be compared to employee, and consciousness to an employer. If the employee is not property instructed, he/she may not be able to follow directives. Just like it is necessary to train and instruct an employee to perform it is also essential to train and discipline the mind


Balance means Restrain/SAYAM. All successful person or happy persons are those who understand the meaning of SAYAM and usage of SAYAM.

For no reasons, no one is interest in following the Balance way of living the life. Anything which is imbalance always comes with negative impact and is the major condition for failure in all situations. We tend to try more but we achieve less and that does not means that who try less achieve more. The fact is that all comes in balanced proportion, love and life. If someone loves you more, then it becomes obsession and if someone loves you less, it is the start of failure of any relations. Balance is what the requirement is. You may feel that your need and desire is important but your need and desire shall be in proportion to what it may do to your Mind. You may have friends in huge numbers but you know you have only one friend on whom you can rely upon. You may have many memories with many of them but you will only cherish the one you feel you had affection with. If that is the truth which no doubt is the truth, then better to have one rather than many. Life is not a trial or neither be made a reply to the trend query “try all” as this does not even become the part of your life.

Now-a-days everybody is their knowledge or information in instagram with no background check-up and this is hampering today generation more than never. No one is interested in ascertaining the facts and to check with current situation but have made the proposition that what was done earlier if good then why not and if done earlier then why to do now. We are choosing on our own what suits us and mostly in negative way which is actually hampering the Mind and Balance of our thoughts.

Salt is the most important ingredient in any food today being eaten or sold and even a small here and there of Salt proposition happens, the food is not eatable. Salt can be compared to our life and Mind and You in per se.

Things to Ponder on “Balance”:

  • The ancient principle of Limited Possessions is extremely significant and valuable in the context of the economic conditions prevailing in the world today. The object is to secure Equitable Distribution and Economic Stability for Society. A Social Order based upon this principle of Limited Possessions will certainly prevent unnecessary accumulation of wealth and its inseparable counterpart, poverty and wretchedness
  • Ahimsa it is not only physical non-violence but it is non-violence also of Speech and thought
  • Progress in life should not be judged by this or name or fame
  • A person is judged by the company he keeps
  • The choice you make reflects of your temperament
  • Silence is important, but knowing when to be silent and when to speak is imperative


The word ‘Anu’ means “to follow” and ‘Preksha’ means “to see. The human mind is beset with a variety of thoughts which may be positive and negative in nature. Our thoughts can be channelled into a positive direction through what is called as Anupreksha or contemplation in Preksha meditation.

Jain religion puts a significant emphasis on the thought process of a human being.  A person’s behavior and his actions are the reflection of his internal thoughts.  It is not the action but intention behind the action results in the accumulation of Karma.  Hence, one should be very careful about his thoughts, how he thinks, and the subject matter of his thought. To make room for pure thoughts, and to drive out the evil ones, Jainism recommends reflecting or meditating the following twelve-thought known as twelve Bhavna or Anupreksha.

The moral and spiritual values to be inculcated in the learner through the practice of Anupreksha or bhavana are:

  • Sense of duty
  • Self-dependence
  • Truthfulness
  • Reconciliation
  • Freedom from fanaticism
  • Human equality
  • Co-existence
  • Patriotism (Loyalty)
  • Mental equilibrium
  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Freedom from lust
  • Forbearance
  • Modesty
  • Freedom from conceit
  • Freedom from fear
  • Self-discipline
  • Friendliness
  • Freedom from avidity
  • Will-power
  • Detachment to the body
  • Maitri ( amity, love, and friendship)
  • Pramoda (appreciation, respect, and joy)
  • Karuna (compassion)
  • Madhyastha (equanimity and tolerance)

Things to Ponder on “Anupreksha”:

  • Train Your Tongue
  • Control Your Emotions
  • Choose your Language
  • Prove Your worth
  • Cultivate Sanskars in the next generation
  • Practice Preksha Dhyana

I am sure that the day we can get this MBA Degree, it will be the real start of oneself to live the life and one can see the day of happiness leading to success in you and within you and your life and by your life to your family. Your life being happy is more important to move ahead and hence Bhagwan Mahavira said “Live and Let Live”

Just a Small Note:

  • Body is inclined towards Bestiality
  • Mind is inclined towards Humanity
  • Soul is inclined towards Godliness
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