How To Become Unsuccessful

This topic in Google Search is at the lowest level and it is not even being shown in Google Search and nor is being searched directly and this is a pure case of DISCRIMINATION and Google shall recognize such people as to be unsuccessful it takes efforts whether at the individual level or at the group level. However, that does not mean that Google does not provide links to become unsuccessful. As for every issue, there are more than one way or we can minimum two ways, even for this Topic there are two ways to find in Google.
There are many users who have been searching on how to become unsuccessful in many other ways and this article will enrich you how users are searching on how to become unsuccessful
Let me tell you that to be successful there are many blogs written and to be successful all states that you need to work hard and harder. But let me tell you that to become unsuccessful in this Tech Era also requires hard work and in fact the adamant nature is the key to become unsuccessful. They are such people who do not think of public at all nor they have any EGO and they are such good students that they follow all principles of being unsuccessful in their life.
All reads of how to become successful but no one intends to know how much process it goes to become unsuccessful. I am very much delighted to share this piece of advice on how to become unsuccessful
Following are the products which are required in possession to become unsuccessful:
1] Mobile of High Valued Brand and Costly to show the world of your Status and if not then Smart Phone to have all relevant application software working to make you unsuccessful
2] Installation of the following Apps:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Lite with Messenger Lite and all other associated Apps with Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • TikTok and or its lookalike apps
  • Pinterest
  • Becoming Admin in many Groups in Whatsapp (but not for business use)
  • Joining many Groups in Whatsapp by other names
  • All social networking sites
  • Apps which make faces, styles, hair color, cartoon designing, apps which make your Fair
  • Such other apps which Successful People don’t use and download
  • Ensure your Login is automated (no need to regularly put ID and password)
3] Ensure to updated with all new Mobiles with Technology and ensure you change the Mobile Handset regularly after a period of 6 months or so and see that you become first or Top 50 amongst your friends to show them of your new mobile every 6 months
4] Ensure that cover of Mobile is costly as the less pricey cover does not suit Unsuccessful People
Now, Next is What?
  • Get up early morning and start using your mobile and check any group in Whatsapp or Telegram or Social website or Web of any news and without knowing anything to be the first to post in Groups and then wait for Likes or Thumbs or expression or GIF and ensure that you continue seeing this and not in one group but in all groups and anyone giving Likes or Thumbs or expression or GIF, reply immediately and share your feelings and ensure this is being done continuously so that you don’t miss replying anyone as they are waiting for your feedback
  • Once you take a bath, then ensure you open all the apps, websites as stated above, and share everywhere to see people’s opinions. In Facebook post anything and then wait for the LIKES and feel encouraged of more LIKES coming as giving LIKES belong to your category and remember what Great Chanakya said, your success is decided with whom you are going along and when such Doctorates and Graduated unsuccessful people are there to post their LIKES to your posting and comments, you shall be ready to reciprocate their post regularly. Remember you not liking their post or replying will make them unhappy and then they will not like your post.
  • Ensure that you discuss this posting and LIKES over the phone to your love girl-friend or friends and if you are college-goers then see that in lecture time and interval be outside in gardens and put your heads seeing mobile and sharing your post to your friend who is just sitting next to you and all friends clicking SAMOSA LIPS pictures and ensure don’t post till the pic comes FAIR and then post and share with your friends nearby and ask how you are liking and ensure they LIKE and then you share and ensure you wasting hours in calling and talking to them and saying “LIKE KAR NA”. And if you are job seeker or employers, ensure that till you reach your office, you keep your eyes glue on Groups and social website and see that all give posting.
  • Ensure that whoever it may be known or unknown put your head and comment and then comment and ensure that your comments do not end here till you feel another post requires your comment and comments and this shall continue till you feel an unwanted work has come to make your successful. This requires determination and skill and concentration to avoid work which makes you successful.
  • Ensure you follow Twitter of all whether you know or not and don’t get demotivated even if there are 20 million in one account as one day maybe when you are aged 21 or 88 years someone might be watching you tweeting regularly for no purpose. Doing for no purpose requires a determination as all do for purpose but when you do for no purpose, it calls for efforts
  • Ensure that you reply in TWITTER even if the poster does not want and don’t get demotivated even if there are millions tweeting and don’t get demotivated if the poster or no one reads your tweet and post on assumption that someday some newspaper will publish only your tweet
  • Ensure that in Whatsapp Status you put more than 25 Status and regularly see how many people have read your Status and who have read your status and whoever read and saw, you ensure replying to their Status so that your Status is also being taken care by them.
  • Ensure that in Whatsapp Group you start any talks and ensure you win as end wining requires capability and this capability will decide your quick reaching to become unsuccessful.
  • Ensure that in Telegram where there can be more than 25000 members, check each message and see what is relevant to you or not and then if you feel not then go to other group and if you feel today there is no message relevant to you, you wait for another day and ensure checking each message pertaining more than 1000 members. This proves your intensity and thinking about your reaching the goal
  • Ensure you reply to each post even if its 12.00 midnight or 2 early morning as based on your reply or post, people think about you and your great efforts to become unsuccessful. Please note that those who revert late night are from your same category
  • Ensure that you see all the upcoming Hindi OTT movies and Serials and give your first response in Whatsapp Group, Telegram Group, Social networking as on your response they will see such upcoming Hindi OTT movies and Serials
  • Ensure that you watch English movies and serials and give you thoughts on comparing with Hindi Movies and Serials. Please note that your comments are highly solicited in the market
  • Ensure that you make a small video to post at TIKTOK or lookalike apps such as Love Theme, your love to nature, your love to mother, your love to the army, your love to friends, your love to wife, etc., etc., etc., and anything which is not done by Successful People and ensure you post
  • Ensure you search all videos on TIKTOK to share with your groups and friends
Upon completing all this if there is any time left, have lunch and then evening Tea and then dinner and if at all any time is left then watch movies and or hot-serials on HOTSTAR and NETFLIX and post that video or image to show the world what you are doing at that time. Ensure whatever you do, you shall not leave your mobile to not be updated on your any post, comments, liking, and sharing.
Please remember this Golden Rule that if you are a job seeker and in this tight schedule of yours you are called upon to work, do little work and then start the same thing again and if you are employer, as you are the boss, you can continue till it lasts.
Please note that you cannot be called as Unsuccessful if you don’t have any Eyes related issues and or health issues so please ensure you have and then you can post that also to tell the world about you.
Before I end, remember Life comes once and ensure you enjoy to fullest as at end your Parents and or your nearby will take care of yours and ensure you live your unsuccessful life to your fullest and if not, then join a political party and ensure your dominance and continuance in the above field.
Sadly, I missed this opportunity and there was no one to guide me to become unsuccessful ad somehow became something in my life which I hate but I ensure if you follow above golden rules, you will rule the world and all at your end of life, will be there at your doorsteps for your help. As I have missed the bus I have decided not to pursue this Golden Rule but as said those who don’t practice what they preach are unsuccessful and since I cannot use above funda in my life I have accepted to be unsuccessful in my successful leading life.
You must have not forgotten what I stated in my first para and if you did not forget then you are on the right step of becoming unsuccessful. I stated that users find indirectly in Google how to become unsuccessful and how the following searches are done at Google Search:
  • How to make my post in FB famous
  • How to ensure my Instagram pictures are shared regularly
  • What are the Apps to be used for making my pictures from different angles
  • 5 mistake to avoid in FB post to ensure more liking
  • List are many, etc
Enjoy and do share this post to your children so that they also follow your steps and it is no hidden fact that whatever Parents do, the child follows. A prime example is that seeing me, my child also attend lectures, reads, and ignores all Netflix serials, Youtube cartoon, which I hate but I cannot help as I have already passed these steps.
You will be surprised to know that I am the first person on this Earth and Google Database to have this unique topic and I bet that this Topic is not taken by Google in its Search and this shows the research done by me. I hope the readers will understand the purpose of this Article and take further steps in their life
God bless you and reach your goal to be unsuccessful

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