Ectolife = Start with Stop

No one is able to get the answer as to how life came to born and in my view this will and ever be known for a reasons that there a Limitation to everything and anything and this acts as answer to one query “All queries has no answers but probabilities are there”. In this circle of a soul is born and soul left to take birth in new form is going since ages and it will be doing either in this Earth Planet or else as there is a possibility of Multiverse and I do believe it is present. Whether God is there or not, it a debate and believing or not is the option but one thing is very clear and acceptable is the Nature and its Laws. There is no denying that Life is of five forms as under:

1] EKENDRIYA: Those that possess only one sense namely: “the sense of touch”. Examples are: a) Fire (Thejaskay) b) Tempests (Vayukay) c) Mountains and Stones (Prithvikay) d) Rivers and water (Apkay) e) Tree (Vanaspathikay of a special type) f) Sweet potato, carrot, radish, potato, onion, garlic g) (Ordinary Vanaspathikay) h) Fresh sprouts (Ordinary Vanaspathikay)

2] DWINDRIYA: Those that possess two senses namely the sense of taste and the sense of touch. Examples are: a) Cowrie shells, b) A kind of small conch shell, c) Worms in wood, d) Oyster shell, e) Conch-shell, f) Earthworms, g) Worms and insects

3] TRINDRIYA: Those that have three senses, namely the sense of touch, taste and the sense of smell. Examples are: a) Large ant, b) Earthworm, c) Bed bug, d) White ant, e) Black louse, f) Centipede, g) White louse, h) Canker

4] CHATURINDRIYA: Those that have four senses namely the senses of touch, taste, smell and seeing. Examples are: a) Moth, b) Spider, c) Scorpion, d) Fly, e) Cockroach, f) Locust, g) Mosquito, h) Black bee

5] PANCHENDRIYA: Those that possess five senses, namely, the senses of touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. Examples are: a) Heavenly beings, b) Human beings, c) Inhabitants of hell beings

[You can read Books of Acharya Mahapragya or Jain Agam to know more about the above five lives]

The outcome of this above give jivas (life) is that there is no Perfection to any life and in fact achieving the perfection is what you call Life. Once who believes in Soul and Life, knows the importance of Past Life and Karma and how to achieve Arihant / Perfect state of Mind, the Human has to win over its mind and one who does not is their option but the fact is that reaching the perfect state of mind requires the “intent” and when I refer to  “intent” means “self-intent” and in doing this, Life is being called as Process and also many of them refer as “Life is a Story” which I personally negate as Life is never a Story nor it shall be but a Process and Process if refined, the whole mankind will change and so our inner conscience.

Well there is no doubt that human body with five senses have to be taught the real way to understand but since ages being progressing things have got worsen and now the term are being used as “genetic disorder”, “family history” which is nothing but a terms used for “Soul and Life”, “Past Life connecting your present life” and this is used in terms of medical disorders in your health. Since we are born and till we die, we find many stages of life are not near to perfect and perfect in health-wise is even more important as in the name of saving lives, the medical has become a business and invention rather than adding as a support to success people mindset have become a business assuring every day goes by tablet in any form. There is no doubt that in the name of progress and discoveries, nothing has done good for human or nature and even if we take something as being done for human then it has disturbed the whole nature and animals. There is no debate or doubt that COVID19 was never the natural disease and in my view there are nothing natural but all are manmade and in this manmade business have started. So do think and answer how Pharma has helped and in fact it has more of diluted and on that without a single thought we humans are following Keynes Modern Economic theory rather than Mahaveera Economics. Let me upfront today all the scholars are preaching what Mahaveera Economics says but sadly not being implemented and hence there is no end to manmade disaster

There is no doubt Food has become bad with less protein, energy is being created by tablets, there is no end to sugar intake and in fact the whole cycle or chain has been created in a manner that human have lost human in reality.

Nobody is able to find who made this Human body process or rather what is it exactly which gives us humans our most fundamental property, Life. Some who believes in Spiritual believe that this is made by God and those who not believe is the part of nature law. Though the scale of agreeing favours God or someone who is mightier and it can be answered in best way only by following the Doctrine of Anekantwad (refer Jain Agam). God with Nature is the answer to this Human Body. Even after so many discoveries and research, the Humans are still finding the various ways as to how the Human Body functions and how fast the Energy works and how fast the blood activates of what you want. In my thoughts, I don’t mind to put that the inside human there is a Space with lot of veins here and there and the bifurcation are made up to perfection and there is a pure case of how human treats human and how new generations are born. The whole process is just super genius and even a small vein has its function and no doubt the Human Body is as same a complex that it can be referred to finding what is the end of Space and multiverse and to develop light speed. In my view, the Light Speed or whatever name you say is already there in your body and one who counts the way human body works, the speed is unmatchable and humans can never react to this speed. Just imagine you are standing and talking, eating, moving your lips, showing hand and using ears and this all at one go with same speed and same intent. This is just unimaginable and hence any function if disturbed, Doctors clinic are visited.

The reasons why I went on for so long to define my perspective on life and soul, body and matter is because just recently I came across the news of “World’s first ‘artificial womb facility” named as Ectolife, which in simple terms be said Baby in a Pod is touted as the new concept by which this will offer parents to ‘produce’ customised babies with the help of artificial wombs. An ‘Elite Package’ would allow people to choose their baby’s level of intelligence, height, hair, eye colour, physical strength and even skin tone. With this new discovery (it is yet to be tested), rather than having answers there are many questions. Will it is good to have 11 Sachin Tendulkar or 11 Virat Kohli in Cricket Team or 11 Messi or Ronaldo or Pele in Football team or 100 Amitabh Bachchan? Just imagine and we are in different Alice in wonderland world. This is just not a good possibility to be and in fact, what is stopping such concept of having 1000 Lord Mahavira or 1000 Acharya Mahapragya or 100000 Swami Vivekananda or 10000 Acharya Tulsi. This concept is not a humanity concept but a business model concept and this will disturb the humanity in coming generation as the seed of disturbance is already been seen.

Strikingly, while reading this news article, I could not help but remember the story from Mahabharata of how the 100 Kauravas were born. The story goes that,

“Queen Gandhari was blessed with 100 sons by Rishi Vyasa. However, even after 2 years of pregnancy she did not go into labour and by then her sister-in-law, Kunti, Wife of Pandu had already given birth to a boy named Yudhishtir. A frustrated Gandhari had then hit her belly really hard and gave birth to a ball of mass and flesh. She and her husband, King Dhritrashtra were shocked to see this and then their Grand Mother, Satyavati had to call her son Rishi Ved Vyasa to help her out of this situation. When Rishi Vyasa came he took the ball of mass and cut it into 100 pieces, but then Gandhari requested for a daughter as well he then made it into 101 pieces, which were then put into separate earthen pots, filled with ghee. Thus were the 100 kauravas and their sister were born.”

Isn’t this interesting that the idea of bearing a child outside the mother’s womb finds its mention in texts thousands of years old. However, what really interests me is the fact that our ancestors were very equipped with the concepts of body and soul and even thousands of years before the modern day science was born, our ancestors knew the dynamics of the Human Body and were aware of the fact that such procedures has its repercussions as well.

I am not against the idea of advancements in modern day science. But then is the question that are all the discoveries and inventions beneficial and necessary for the humans, or are some inventions merely ways to earn money on the cost of human health and society crisis. This brings me across the story of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite and the person who established the Nobel Prize. It has been said that Alfred Nobel was deeply saddened by the invention of dynamite for he was in realization of the fact that the same was not a benefactor to the society but was a weapon of mass destruction. However, since the World Powers already had eyed the invention the things could never be reversed back. This is what saddens me. The very idea of creating customized kids, gives me chills because the human shall be assuming the position of the Creator and will be customizing his progeny into his assumed version of the best self. What is the customization fails and the child born is not as per the specification? Will the child be altered like a waistcoat? Or will the child be returned back to the creator, or to the Creator? What if the parents split in the middle of the procedure and the child in the pod is abandoned by both the parents? Who shall then be having the responsibility of the kid? Obviously, the company won’t.

Today humans are doing exactly what the Human body does not want, but it is doing and we are seeing what is happening today. Heart Attack is common at age 25 now-a days. Stress has become 7 basic necessities in life of humans. Today in the name of increasing energy tablets are being given, for sleep medicine is there, for no pain medicine is there but are this worth for human to stay alive as this only cause a big stress and everything has effects which is already leading to bad life for humans. COVID19 has already made this clear as to how humans are weak on those aspects. The baby born process is nothing less than magical and in this whole process the meaning of life is borne. This business concept shall never replace the same as this will kill the whole human generation.

The question we need to ask is, Why ECTOLIFE? There is no doubt that inventions are important and to know the truth research and new discoveries are important but to what extent. Nuclear Bombs are good or bad, ask Japan, Bullets are good or bad, ask Kashmiris and Kashmir Pandits, Drugs are good or bad, ask Punjab Parents and many more. There is a life and there is a death. Any debate in this regard is useless as it is part of nature. Even if the science develops the mode of no death, there cannot be any way of no death as  whatever is there in this planet has the feature of death, be it air, fire, wind, etc, or as said by Lord Krishna that “everything which is born will die on day” and hence MARS is the place of such death. Nature has its own laws and laws define nature and every aspect of life, either it be planet, space, air, water or else and there is no replacement to everything. Science can make any invention and so it be as it does calls for but an animal is why an animal is only be found in Ancient Indian manuscripts, Agams, Vedas.

We as humans must be in realization of the fact that irrespective of our respective set of beliefs, one thing which is a universal truth is the word “life”. It is a very beautiful word and carries a lot of power in it. Life gets even more meaningful when spent wisely and happily and it also gets deteriorated, if spent uselessly on things which have no benefit to us or to the World at large. However, there is also one more thing which influences life and i.e. the human want for pleasure. We must realize that pleasure in excess, with no perspective of welfare is destructive in nature. Humans when they realize the former sentence will change a lot of things around them.

  • Ectolife the brainchild of Hashem Al-Ghaili, will help infertile parents conceive babies and become true biological parents. Hashem Al-Ghaili’s ‘EctoLife’ can grow around 30,000 babies yearly because of extensive and groundbreaking scientific research of over 50 years.

  •  The term ECTO in Latin means “Outer, outside, situated on. Ectoderm (outer skin)”

  • Al-Ghaili has confirmed that the EctoLife facility “doesn’t exist right now.” “This is a concept and not a real-life company” Al-Ghaili said via email. The facility described in this video does not exist and pertains to a concept developed by science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili
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