Anuvrat and Goal

I was walking very slowly and taking my steps in such a slow motion that in reality the public walking behind me started to shout at me stating that “if you cannot walk fast, then please allow us and don’t waste our time”. I gave no heed but to avoid fight allowed them to go and in one minute I was left behind by more than 70 people in a good second. As soon as I reach Train Ticket Window, the Ticket Officer asked me which place ticket you want and I was standing there and after me there was more than 40 standing with already in anger mood, ticket officer shouted me saying first decide what you want and then come meanwhile allow others to take the ticket and the person just after me also shouted and I just gave a side and was thinking and in hardly two minute or so, then 45 person took the ticket and went and there was another line of 50 and this continued for an hour and I was still not yet decided and to say was confused and was thinking. This proves that at every stage one has to know the defined destination or shorter way to say a Goal. 45 Person were aware that they have to go somewhere for ex., one to Vashi, another to Andheri, etc and else and hence since such person were aware of the destination or you can a goal for that particular purpose, they got the desired result fast and as I was not aware of my destination or purpose or goal, I was left behind or let’s say I failed to compete with the changing lane of the world.
This brings the attention that knowing “Defined Goal” or “Defined Destination” is of utmost importance for any purpose. Most of the problems as why majority of them fails to reach the Goals is because they directly look to reach End Goal without knowing that End Goal can only be reached if one gives important to smaller goals and to know the relevance of smaller goals one has to understand the importance of ANUVRAT. The one who knows the concept of ANUVRAT will no doubt give the utmost importance to smaller goals to achieve the End Goal. The term ANUVRAT was formulated by **Ganadhipati Acharya Tulsi, a famous and great Jain Saint/Monk who started this movement under name ANUVRAT which meant a series of ‘small vows’ of avoiding violence, not cutting trees, etc to ensure the end goal is achieve of having a society where human respects human with dignity and animals. The step of ANUVRAT was small but it later achieved huge success and it became a movement which till date is in process and the fruit of ANUVRAT movement were and is being achieved today. Acharya Tulsi was born at Ladnu in Nagaur district in a Khater (oswal-Jain) family in the year 1914. At the tender age of eleven he became a monk and took to the difficult path of renunciation. He accepted the leadership of a vast religious order at the age of 22. At the age of 33, he started Anuvrata Movement to restore the dignity of moral values and the values of character.
Smaller Goals are of most importance as majority of times, we directly focus on reaching End goals and this mostly leads to nowhere and infact knowing the smaller goals helps one to know whether their End Goals is defined properly or not and in way of achieving the smaller goals, End Goals becomes easy to reach and also enjoy its fruits.
The best example for me to state of the person who might have never thought of such an End Goals but assuming he may have thought is no other than the present Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If one is aware of what PM Modi did to reach here is nothing short of being called as a perfect way of reaching your End Goals. PM Modi started as RSS Karyakarta and then slowly reached the ranks of RSS and in during the times did many roles and it was nothing short of miracle that in Year 2002 post Earthquake, PM Modi was called for being the CM of State of Gujarat and I am assuming that after being acting as CM of State of Gujarat for more than 2 Term, the another goal would have been PM and man he did achieved in style and no one can deny the way he handled himself. As per my small info, PM Modi never lost the election when fought and his life story is nothing short of a Management Study as to how one shall realize the limitation at the particular situation and then work on smaller goals and make your End Goals bigger and even modification of End Goals is the probability as in case of PM Modi. Another example is Elon Musk buying Twitter as if compared from earning point of view, Twitter is not a profit making company and the price at which Elon Musk has purchased is way beyond the profit-earnings ratio of Twitter at present. I am of the view that today Elon Musk is the biggest social and media influencer in the World and by his one tweet the Shares are being bought and or sold and knowing this Elon Musk buying Twitter is nothing short of the fact of Elon Musk End Goal is ready only after various short goals being made and I am sure the End Goal will be modified by Elon Musk once his smaller goals are achieved without any fuss.
The way to reach “End Goals” is to first make up your smaller goals which and when achieved will and no doubt work as one step further to reach End Goals. Each smaller goal helps you get stronger, become more confident, and be able to try more challenging things. Even better, you know what needs to get done next to help you progress.
Most of the successful person follows the mantra that “Winner don’t do different things but do things differently”.

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