Animal Tourism: Your Enjoyment their Harassment

How many of you going to Jaisalmer and sat on Camel and said to Rider to run the camel and how many times then Camel ran. Have you ever imagine that each time the rope is stretch the camel inner side of body pains and he/she runs. How fair is this that we enjoy this ride out of their Pain. Jain Agam speaks of Non-violence in all sphere of life but for our own benefits we put them in exception and this way we tell our new generation of how enjoyable the ride is. It is not false to say that as a Kid even I had fun sitting on camel, elephant, cow, horse but I am happy that later I realized that this fun for me is pain for animal and it is long time now that I have left all this and this I told my kid too avoid. Taking Selfie/Pictures with animals, tigers, is a fashion but they don’t understand how much pain the animals suffer for the same as at the end we Humans are not all interested in knowing as who cares it is important for ME to be happy rather than other lives.

Ganadipathi Tulsi have said that “Anuvrat is a way towards good life” and it is not incorrect to say that Anuvrat principles is very easy to un-follow but those following knows the real illustration given to the term “Non-Violence”. It is said that even thinking any bad thoughts for someone is Violence and if so, then just imaging what we are doing to animals. Earlier no doubt animals were used for various reasons but today it cannot be taken as examples to follow the same. If this tradition would have been followed, then women would have been still in the house, mens would have been hanging around showing their no sense to others, there would be no education to girls, SATI would have been practiced, etc. But things have changed and so to our mindset shall change.

Having a pet is a fashion and specially branded breeds are a symbol status. But what if they are left alone in their own way of living life and have a animals life as they are bound to enjoy but we as dominant species are not allowing to do so. On that count, humans shall be not wary of Human Robots will ensure their dominancy and this same principle will be taken as precedent.

Earlier animals were used in CIRCUS but now it is banned and the reason it has been banned is “animal pain and suffering” and if this is found logical, then taking ride in animal like Camel, Elephant or else is same as what animals suffered in CIRCUS. It seems that what suits human, law is passed. The elephants are usually taken from their mothers when they are just a few months old to be trained. They are starved, beaten, and isolated while they are just calves until they become compliant. During their entire working life, they are cut with hooks and kept in chains to control them. The average life expectancy for an elephant is about 70 years but most used for rides die before their 30s or 40s. It is important to know that much of the cruelty happens behind the scenes or in the early stages of an animal’s life when they are being trained. The tigers that people pose with, for example, look cute and happy but they are kept in tiny cages where they’re starved and punished to keep them docile. Dancing monkeys are stolen from their mothers and are subjected to such harsh training when they’re young that many don’t even survive long enough to be put to work.

Can you imagine around 1,428 Dolphins Were Slaughtered as part of a Tradition in countries which preach other world to protect animals and this is everywhere. Basically it seems that what suits Humans as Dominant Animals are made legal else illegal. Further killing Goats in the name of Religion is just disgusting and making it legal and world watching is more inhuman and this has been given the name of religion. Surprising even Courts does not interfere and if Courts cannot do the same, then the whole purpose of Courts is diluted in same way as earlier during British Regime the Courts was only against Indian and to ensure laws are passed to silent them.

Off late RANI BAUG (in South Mumbai), the condition of animals “if measure with space” it is clear that they have been kept as if a human aged 30 years is kept in a room of 25 sq. ft and is being told to spend their life there. Humans cannot do the same but they expect animals to do and there is law to support the same. How inhuman it can be? Law is purely unfair on many counts and hence Law shall take the assistance from Vedas, Jain Agam, etc to know what is good and bad as they had a good researched on the same. It is sad that humans on seeing animals being tied up or kept in zoo are being made photographic material without even thinking of pain the animal is going by. If keeping animals in such a less space is not illegal then why not different kind of humans, both abled and disabled, in all forms are kept as show piece for others to come and watch and take photos. Once who do is treated as inhuman and before that doing this is illegal.

Animals Tourism has become a trend and I have seen people sharing instagram reels on riding camel, elephant and other animals and recently at Saguna Park (Neral) where Ostrich and Lizard family were kept open for public to see and people were actually clicking pics. From the body and behaviour of animals it was like they were irritated and there was no reason for Saguna Park to keep animals for show but money has become everything. In marriage especially in South, Rajasthan, Gujarat animals are used for their own leisure. There is not even a single iota of logic of what a human is gaining in this but for status symbol, instagram likes, videos, leisure, and enjoyment.

In around 19th Century there was a Circus in USA and they advertised all over America that they have the most dangerous animals with them (as this was the trend of keeping animals like ZOO) and told to visit and also stated their fee. In very short time, huge crowds gathered and wanted to see the most dangerous animals and in search they found that a Mirror is kept and in the Mirror they saw their face means HUMAN. In brief the Circus organizers wanted to convey the message that Humans are the most dangerous animals and most uncivilized too. Let me tell you other than humans all animals be it Rat, Ant, insect, etc they are all more civilized than Humans.

There is no doubt that today Humans find enjoyment in seeing animals in helpless mode and this is purely for their own leisure. What is the use of the Leather Belt, Leather Watch, Leather Wallet, Leather Bag, etc but for leisure and nothing else. Seeing an animal in bad shape and helpless has become the enjoyment criteria for humans and humans enjoy such situation. Humans enjoy Parrot speaking but how many knows that animals are being taught in the way they don’t like and being done to suit them. Earlier kingdoms, rulers used animals for transport, fight etc but can we continue that process and if so, then why China killing Taiwan, India, looting other countries, Russia throwing bombs at Ukraine is considered inhuman as even they are just following the path.

Mahaveera Economics is the solution to this human idiocy and all in today’s era are only after modern economics logic which has no real purpose and infact all speakers will share how to live a life, what is life which just resembles Mahaveera Economics. It is sad that in India even though we have got the road map by great saints, Acharya, Tirthankaras but least interest is taken in implementing.

It is important to share me the fact of why justifying killing Animals or giving the pain to animals is incorrect.

I have got to know that someone had the idea that animal killing is not illegal but it is only defining the KARMA of person who is killing and animal who is being killed and KARMA will ensure such persons and animals. Well this logic never came to me as relevant as it seems that the Vedas in my view never promoted “killing of animals” which popularly known as “Pashu Bali”.

*Animal sacrifice is often thought to have been part of some of the ancient yajnas or sacrifices of the Vedic civilization. In the Vedic literature, however, a synonym that is given for the word yajna is adhvara, which literally means ‘that which is free from violence’. In order to be able to perform such a yajna, one needs to first sacrifice one’s own cravings, selfishness and anger. One needs to  ‘slaughter’  or  ‘sacrifice’  (Bali) the ‘brute’ or ‘animal’ (Pashu) in himself, i.e. perform Pashu Bali. In yajna the animal in man, the brutal instinct to enjoy even at the cost of others and risking spiritual wellbeing, was restrained and ultimately slaughtered. Ancient yajnas now famous for their ‘animal sacrifice’ were actually highly spiritual and refined ceremonies. The word ashva in classical Sanskrit means ‘horse’, but in the Vedic language two of its meanings are ‘souls’ and ‘nation’. The Sanskrit word aja is often translated as ‘goat’, while a Vedic meaning of the word is ‘eternal soul’. The Ashvamedha Yajna therefore refers to a yajna facilitating ‘the purification of the soul and the strengthening of the nation’, and Ajamedha Yajna is performed for the ‘ennobling of the soul’. In time, however, such a beautiful and noble act as yajna or sacrifice, a totally unselfish deed for the greater good of the world, and the wonderful concept of pashu bali became synonymous with the slaughter of innocent and harmless creatures. It is of course true that in the medieval ages animals were sacrificed, both in India and other parts of the world. However, these sacrifices were not prescribed by the Vedas. The sacrifice that the Vedas prescribe is that of one’s own comforts, of one’s own negative tendencies and small-mindedness, for the benefit of the society and the world. Great saints, such as the Buddha and Mahavir, who saw the inhumane slaughter of innocent animals in the name of pashu bali or yajna, rebelled against these practices and worked to bring people’s attention back towards meditation, respect towards and service of all life, and cultivating a mind free from anger, lust and delusion. These ideals that are actually part of the core teachings of these amazing ancient scriptures called the Vedas. In the Atharva Veda for example there is a prayer to violence itself: “O Violence! The slaughter of the innocent creatures is really dreadful; do not kill our cows, horses, men and other embodied scient beings. Wherever you are lying concealed, be lighter and more trivial in our eyes than a dried leaf.” In the Yajur Veda there is the prayer: “May I look at all the creatures with the eyes of a friend.” And in the Rig Veda, it says: “If ever, with certainty, I make a move, I tread only the path of the friend. For, under the solace-giving shelter of this dear and non-violent friend all living beings unite.”* It is therefore important that we educate people and make them aware that animal sacrifice in the name of Pashu Bali was in no way supported by the Vedas, and that killing innocent animals will never please the Divine that has created them and given them life. [Quoted from Swami Purnachaitanya]

The whole life of Lord Mahavira and take of Lord Gautam Buddha is non-violence and what is non-violence is also important for us to know. A single negative thought or pain to any soul is violence. We cannot eradicate all but atleast put in our life to restrict the best minimal and since so, let’s stop this Animal Tourism and give them their life.

In my view, we still can change the things and if we do the below:

  • Boycott ZOO so that animals will be not made available there
  • Avoid animals rides as this pains a lot and there is no purpose of doing so except our personal enjoyment but our enjoyment shall not be others pain
  • Teach your kids in their childhood about avoiding animal ride and zoos
  • Avoid taking selfies, pics with animals
  • No use of animals in marriage or any other functions
  • No promoting animals usage at any event
  • Avoiding visiting Resorts, Parks, picnics where animals are used

If we don’t stop today, the next generation will never understand the impact and slowly and slowly we are just killing animals for no reasons.

Remembering Acharya Mahapragya who have been of view that if our happiness comes from others pain is nothing but harmful activity and violence.

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