7 Ways of Success

All wants to be a Successful in their life in all ways and most of the dreams of any individual is to have fame and name and for them that is a meaning of Success. Well, for me Success means being happy in your life and infact Acharya Mahapragya has said “one who gets what we wants is successful but one who is happy what he has got is Happiness” and Happiness is totally an upgrade version of being Successful. One who understands the same, pretty sure humans will leave at peace. But alas, that is not the case and with every progressing hours, we as humans are just trying to live one life for others and infact this can be seen from the way one incurs the huge costs in interior at home to ensure guest gives thumps up for their status.
Success is the aim of every individual and sometimes to achieve success, many when fail goes into depression and many of them are not even sure as to how to meet success. I had an opportunity to meet Jain Monk Abhijit Muni and have been taking Darshan since several years and have learned a lot and also have been hearing his knowledgeable sessions on Agam and also on spirituality. Have to say in all his talk, Jain Monk Abhijit Muni has a touch to Management in life and my personal view that his talks are very clear in terms of vocabulary and clarity of meaning. On 15.05.2022 during my Darshan to Jain Monk Abhijit Muni at Vile Parle, was able to spend a good time and during one of the discussion, Jain Monk Abhijit Muni shared his Seven Ways from Spiritual ways to attain fulfilment and that time itself I liked this Seven ways and informed Jain Monk Abhijit Muni of using this Seven Ways of Success from my perspective. These Seven ways of Rhyme is no doubt is the creation of Jain Monk Abhijit Muni and Copyright goes with Jain Monk Abhijit Muni for sharing the heading of Seven ways and helped me to write this Article from my perspective and management perspective.
Success, no doubt, cannot be measured in any means as for each person it has its own way of measuring success. However, there are certain measurements which can be taken as a guide to know whether you are in right process to achieve your Goal. A Goal is nothing but one’s dream which can be either smaller goals or larger goals. What shall be the Goal and How to make your Goal, you can read my Blog, Anuvrat and Goal.
There is a reason why the first step is STILL. The term STILL has its meaning in spirituality which pertains to mediation/Preksha Dhyan and how Mediation is the part of success at very early stage. From Spiritual aspect, it has its meaning to have a mediate mind and why to mediate is very well explained by Acharya Mahapragya in “Why Mediate” and the reason why I am referred to the books of Acharya Mahapragya is that all the books written by Acharya Mahapragya is nothing but an ocean to know its meaning in very simple language and at same time it comes to our understand that each word wrote by Acharya Mahapragya gives the impression of his own practical experience and the moment you complete reading the para of 4-5 lines, you will again re-read for the reasons of the choice of words put by Acharya Mahapragya.
The term STILL for entrepreneurs/job-seekers has its meaning that for any business to start there has to be an idea and idea is just an idea unless it is made a concept in the form of notes as there are 1000 ideas but the moment that idea is being put in papers, hardly 1 or 2 ideas will make itself a concrete shape. Once the idea which becomes concrete-shape the movement towards the journey beings and this is where the STILL stage comes. In spiritual, STILL means to mediate, to understand what you want further, ask question yourself, know yourself, understand the way to handle the situation, knowing yourself is more important in any stage of life or business.
The WILL here has its meaning of ICHA in Hindi word and it means whatever you do shall be done with 100% WILL. Will is not similar to Willingness as in my view it differs. WILL means hard choice and done choice and willingness means having choices. WILL in spiritual context means that you can mediate only if you have WILL and not you have willingness. WILL is more of determinate one has to achieve the success. WILL is irreplaceable.
There is a story as narrated,
One Shravak came to Rajnagar to meet Jain Monk who was highly known for having rich experience in mediation and he has been of the view that for anyone to reach success shall be aware of himself. The Shravak when met the Jain monk asked two queries, i) How to mediate and ii) when I can learn to mediate. Jain Monk smiled and said to clap with one hand and see to it that no other voice comes and that Shravak started coming morning at 9 and used to sit till 3 and put the hand touching to ears and used to clap and every-day the Shravak used to hear other voices and he started raising the query to Jain Monk of each voice and each time Jain Monk used to tell to try and come with result. This went on and on and it took 12 years for the shravaks doing mediation and listening to voices of heart, birds, breath, nerves, blood running in and after the completion of 13 Years, the Shravak said finally that now I can hear only my one hand clap voice to which Jain Monk said “now you have learnt to mediate”. Here the WILL or say determination of Shravak is to be appreciated as though it took 13 years but he learned how to mediate. This kind of determination is required to achieve any success or to say to reach Goal. Remember, wheel is not invented in a day and any work to be completed has its own process. It is relevant to share that Anuvrat movement when started nobody thought that this Anuvrat movement will change the lives of people and generation to come but it was Acharya Tulsi strong WILL and determination and future view that made this Anuvrat Movement a movement which is now daily and integral part. The Anuvrat movement is the prime example for all today generation and else too to take as case study how it started and how it became a movement.
There is another story of determination
Yogesh, co-founder of Playerzpot met me during the days when Fantasy Sports was at its baby stage and I never knew of Yogesh, co-founder of Playerzpot but he came for giving his business start-up a small brief to certain person and I saw for the first time the manner in which Yogesh stated of his games venture. What was important to see that in the meeting all were giving the suggestion and hardly anyone was appreciating the new game venture as the fantasy sports was a new for Indian market. However, Yogesh was very determined to move ahead with the venture and chose his brand as Playerzpot. After good years, I read the news that Playerzpot was above to get 20 Cores finance and now is on upward movement. It was his WILL to move forward and today is reaching many milestones and is one of the key business player in games venture in Fantasy Sports.
Nothing is achieved without working hard for your Goals. Infact having WILL, you need to have a good mindset (STILL) and most of times to have determination one shall have quality of DRILL. Drill means knowing your Business well, your product well, your competitors well so that you can work upon. You might have a great business idea but if you fail to put in hard efforts early then reaching Goal becomes difficult or you may say it takes more time and you lose the opportunity. Remember “Be uncomfortable for firsts 2-5 years so that rests of your life you are comfortable”. Putting in hard efforts, creating plan, meeting like-minded person who can be part of your journey, making sure of your journey goals and putting efforts will no doubt ensure your growth. For all this, you need to have the quality of STILL and WILL.
There are many examples of how due to hard efforts the results have been achieved and further new avenues have been formed.
The story goes this way in an around 1950 and 60, Adinath completed the Law and became the Lawyer and wanted to start his own practice. However, Adinath found that the cases are hard to come by. One year went pass by and not a single case came to Adinath and no doubt this made Adinath little worry as he wanted to be part of income source to family. For Two years no case was being taken by Adinath as it never came by but in this two years, Adinath used to sit in the Courtroom and learn the way of arguments, the way Judges takes the argument and how the orders are being passed by way of hearing. After three years, Adinath got his first matter and due to excitement, Adinath messed-up badly with the matter and he lost the case and thereafter for another three years he never got any case and this started creating the depression as it was almost 6 years now handling only one case but it was his determination to learn the Law and in this 6 years he mastered the art of arguing the case, hearing the cases of various types, reading various judgements and in 7th Year he got his second matter and since then he completed 30 Years of Practice and is today one of the best Lawyers in India. It took 7 Years for Adinath to get this second matter but he never missed learning law.
It might be the second opine that Adinath in today compete world will not survive may be relevant but the point to see was the STILL, WILL and DRILL of Adinath to get succeed as Lawyer. As said he was not comfortable for initial years but he was ready to be uncomfortable as post this he is now comfortable
If one does not enjoy what he does, how much brilliant it may be, will never reach to his happiness. Acharya Mahapragya has said “one who gets what we wants is successful but one who is happy what he has got is Happiness”.
According to psychologist Daniel Gilbert, “Happiness is the ultimate goal of virtually all the decisions we make in life”. The real truth is that happiness is difficult to measure and Success is mostly judged externally or by comparison to other people. Happiness is a goal that many people aspire to. Most people also have a strong desire to be successful in life and they tend to believe that through this success they will automatically become happier but the fact is that Happiness is a precursor to success, not the other way around.
Someone has nicely stated of being THRILL
“If you can’t be in the job you love…
Love the job you’re in (or the way you do it)”
To have Thrill in what one does measures the success of what he/she plans to.
Skill is the most searched topic in Google atleast if searched in India, mostly thanks to Hon’ble and Respected Prime Minister Narendra D Modi. What the PM Modi has done to spread awareness about SKILL is nothing short of wonder. It is not that PM Modi has invented the word SKILL as it has been since ages but sharing the importance in development of oneself and for India have made it the most relevant keyword. Skill does not mean Academics Degree, Diplomas or any Certificate but how to handle the situation when and where you are in.
To understand the importance of having SKILL, the below story will help:
During the Pandavas 13 Years Forest Yatra, the Pandavas along with Draupadi reached Dvaitavana having left the Kamyaka forest-range. They were all tired and exhausted and extremely thirsty. Yudhishtira asked Nakula to climb up a tree to locate any source of water. Nakula did accordingly and located the evidence for some water source by water-creepers, cranes etc. Yudhistira asked Nakula to go to the source and get immediately some water. He went there and saw a lake with crystal clear water and was about to drink it when he heard a voice: ‘Don’t venture to drink the water before answering my questions. Otherwise you will come to grief.’ Nakula did not heed his words and tried to drink the water. Immediately he fell down dead. When Nakula did not return for a long time, Yudhishtira sent Sahadeva, who also met the same fate without listening to the warning of the Yaksha. Then Arjuna came and he also did not care for the warning of the Yaksha and thus fell down dead. Bhima also met with the same fate. Then Yudhishtira got worried and went to investigate the fate of his brothers. He was near the beautiful lake, as if constructed by Vishvakarma himself, all his brothers lying down dead. When he saw their fate, he lamented on their death. Even though they were dead they had not lost their colour, there was no ghastly distortion of expression and he began to wonder as to the cause of this extraordinary situation. Then he heard the voice of Yaksha. “I am a Yaksha in the form of a Crane eating fish and water plants, and because of me all your brothers are dead. I asked them not to venture to drink the water of this pond without answering my questions. You will be the fifth one. Don’t venture to do so before answering all my questions. Yudhishtira asked him about his history and the Yaksha told him: I am not a bird. Please answer my questions and then you may drink the water. Yudhishtira told him that he did not want to incur the wrath of the Yaksha, “You may ask your questions and I shall reply them” Thereupon the Yaksha asked a number of questions covering many moral, social and philosophical issues and Yudhishtira replied each one of them to the satisfaction of the Yaksha and then all brother were alive and they left for their journey Note: This appears in the Mahabharata at the end of Vanaparva (chapters 312 to 314).
This story proves that even though Arjuna (the Greatest Warrior), Bhima and other Pandavas were powerful and mighty but since they never had the SKILL to handle the situation were put to death by Yaksha and it was Yudhishtira who handled the situation well and hence this story teaches the relevance of SKILL in today life and also in business ventures.
The best example of how to handle the situation when all is against you was done by CADBURY. There was a time came when insects were found in CADBURY and one or two instant came in limelight and this was spreading to large and infact was the first step in killing the brand that is attached to of higher value towards customer. CADBURY smartly chose Amitabh Bachchan as the new advertise character and at that time it was seen that Amitabh Bachchan was giving the message of CADBURY being safe and how it takes care of their customer and this advertisement actually stopped all negative views and uplifted the goodwill again in the market. The smart choice was to have Amitabh Bachchan in their advertisement and at that time Amitabh Bachchan was seen as the only person to save CADBURY due to his image of being a person who saw all ups and down and fought and reached the stage where he was and even higher. This speaks the SKILL mindset of CADBURY.
One shall have the heart to accept the mistakes and failures. The story as narrated above of Yaksha Yatra, proves that Yudhishtira brothers accepted their mistakes and never went with the EGO of taking revenge and this is where the SKILL comes and the quality of Acceptance comes.
In Business ventures or studies, mistakes will happen and accepting and moving ahead is the only and best choice to ensure you don’t get into the mindset of not able to take further decision. Getting stuck in-between and only thinking will never work. Sometimes it might happen that such mistakes was not your fault but accept the same and take further decision and ensure of not repeating the mistakes is the only key to achieve success.
Fulfill here signifies Happiness and Happiness shall be the Success. You can always reach the Goal to fulfillment if you have the qualities of STILL, WILL, DRILL, THRILL, SKILL and CHILL and the reason having this qualities is that STILL prepares your mind to know the fight you will lead in your ventures may be business or life and knowing yourself is very important. Not all has got all and everyone has limitation. Even Lord Shiva had to hide from Lord Shani Dev to save his life from the Death Dhristi of Lord Shani Dev. Knowing yourself make your picture and mind-set very clear and this prepares you for being very much determined (WILL) so that you can be ready for bard work to reach your Goal (DRILL) at the same time having enjoyment of doing the hard-work (THRILL) as all this helps you to ensure you have SKILL to accept the CHILL and for surely you are reaching the Goal. Not reaching to the Goal does not make a failure but again going to the step 1 of knowing yourself and again with good energy to move forward. The best example who has repeated the seven stages more than three times is the owner of Brand GOLI VADA PAV, Mr. Venkatesh Iyer.
Rajneesh Osho (Chandar Mohan Jain), many called him “Great Orator”, “Guru”, “Acharya” once said, Life itself is a Goal and those are making any other Goal actually does not know that such Goals are not Goals but way to showcase your EGO. Well, no doubt it has its meaning and if one can understand its deeper meaning, a human would have been a human today and peace would have got priority.
Acharya Tulsi quoted on Secret of Success, which is as under:
“The great secret of success in life lies in concentration. Concentration is necessary not only in the field of spiritual practice but in all walks of life = education, art, commerce and science etc. The force that lies in concentration can never be there when it is divided.”

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